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TC2000 Evaluation


Alleviate of Use

TC2000 Features.

When it pertains to the zoom feature on charts, while it might not seem significant, couple of rivals, save for possibly TradingView match up to TC2000. The fluidity at which one can zoom in and out of charts just feels so.

Rates Options

Another set of features opened in the Gold tier is more sophisticated scanning ability. You can now produce your own criteria for TC2000s scanner, EasyScan, to scan, which is extremely powerful. A substantial differentiator in between EasyScan and other intricate scanners is the ranking system.

Trade stocks and options through TC2000 Brokerage (See commissions).


TC2000s charts are constantly adjustable and extremely easy to use. First of all, the charts are extremely clean and simple to utilize. If you trade stocks actively, you know how important tidy charts are for day trading. While at a look, the charts seem similar to various other charting platforms, TC2000s charts are more robust than your typical chart.

Relative Strength.

Search award-winning streaming charts with 100+ indicators.
Covers 100,000+ choices, funds, and stocks.
Add real-time information feeds for stocks, indexes, news, and choices.
Access 7 prebuilt designs consisting of Trading, TC Classic, DrillDown, Sector by Year, 1-Chart, 4-Timeframe, Morningstar ®
. Practice & evaluate your methods in simulated paper trading accounts.
Keep your own personal watchlists and gain access to hundreds of built-in watchlists.
Compose on-the-fly individual notes and conserve stocks to your favorites.
Link the active sign to financial websites.
Move & & tab windows to develop custom-made layouts based upon how you work.
Gain access to your charts and watchlists from Mobile app.

There is no throttling of market information speed, and the only chart performance not included in Silver is illustrations like pattern lines and Fibonacci retracements. Unfortunately, if you enjoy drawing on your charts, you have to move up to the Gold tier at $29.99 per month entirely for that function.

TradingView is web-based, while TC2000 is a desktop application.
The TradingView UI is much simpler.
TC2000 has more functions and functionality for day traders.
TradingView provides crypto charts.
TradingView provides a backtester.

The primary factor we wished to evaluate TC2000 was due to the fact that of the charts. The TC2000 software application provides a variety of powerful features and, but eventually, it shines as a charting software application.

I discover TC2000 to be very comparable to TradingView in chart feel, with a few crucial differences, those being:.

Relative strength is, by a large margin, my favorite indication. It is one of the couple of indications that isnt an approximate formula of OHLC data. It simply compares one securitys efficiency to another. Its a sign that is lacking from numerous charting plans. But its simple inclusion in TC2000 isnt my factor for appreciation, however their execution of the sign.


TC2000 recently launched TC2000 brokerage, and TC2000 brokerage clients who put at least one trade or maintain a balance of over $20,000 can get a $25 credit on the platinum package.

TC2000s Standout Indicators.

I didnt think I would be impressed with the scanning functions when I set out to evaluate TC2000. That stated, the scanning tools are very hassle-free. You can discover real-time trading chances daily.

See in the image below, how the main stock indexes are presets that can be switched on and off, saving time, but the feature I enjoy most is the checkbox for Sector/Industry signs. On other charting platforms, this can be challenging, as market index signs can differ from platform to platform, forcing you to check out through documents or use the symbol search to figure it out. The checkbox mitigates all of that.

Another subtle function that, in my opinion, drastically enhances the UX is the Change Symbol screen automatically opening when you begin typing, similar to TradingView. When you have a chart of AMZN open, and you type any letters on your keyboard, the Change Symbol window will open. This small enhancement in UX actually builds up in time. Having to mouse over to the symbol box whenever you want to change signs is one of the most bothersome features of charting platforms.

TC2000 Review is a high-end trading platform that was created by Worden Brothers. Not only has it been voted as the finest analytical software application under $500 for the last 24 years by Stocks & & Commodities Magazine, it has prices choices to suit any financier.

About TC2000

One standout function is the data box you see in the image below. You can click your selector on any point on the chart and see the returns in time, those returns on an annualized, along with numerous information points like open, high, low, close, and indicator worths.


Im very fond of EasyScan for one reason; you can choose how the stocks that show up in your scans rank versus another security or set of securities, for the criteria you are scanning. Rather than choose an arbitrary worth like many scanners, I desire to see the leading 10% of the Russell 2000 based on their efficiency versus all United States stocks.

TC2000 Vs. TradingView.


The features I am outlining in the TC2000 review may appear irrelevant, but the fact is that stock charts rather commoditized nowadays. TC2000 finds the little subtleties that make a trading experience smooth, they take relatively irrelevant features and turn them into functionality that you demand out of all platforms.

Develop conditions in the step-by-step EasyScan ® wizard dialog.
Show 2-second scan lead to watchlists or checkmark columns.
Combine conditions based upon technical criteria, fundamentals and different amount of time.
Draw trendlines, shapes, fibs, notes and more on charts.
Sort watchlists by technical indicators, Morningstar data, and your custom-made requirements.
Monitor up to 100 signals on cost, indications, and trendlines.
Watch stocks with upcoming dividend & & revenues statements.
Overlay sectors, market and contrast indexes.
Produce customized reports.
Write your own personal criteria formulas (PCFs) to scan, sort and plot.
Overlay incomes, institutional ownership, sales and more information from Morningstar.

Additional real-time data feeds can be acquired for stocks and options also.


Another rarity in charting platforms, as discovered in our TC2000 review, this platform allows you to include solutions like (Volume/5 bar typical volume * 100) and use them as indications, or more frequently, use them to set informs. The sign used in the image below take a look at the average volume over the last 5 cost bars, it would be simple to set an alert above 250 (any value you discover significant enough to trade).

The platinum bundle costs $89.98 monthly, with discounts for yearly and bi-annual subscriptions.

That said, you should definitely provide TC2000 charts a shot. Seeing is thinking, and its definitely worth taking these charts for a test drive.

I desire indicators worth utilizing. As part of our TC2000 review, we desired to see how impressive the indications in this trading platform truly were.

TC2000 has 3 pricing choices, Silver at $9.99/ month, Gold at $29.99/ month, and Platinum at $89.98/ month. They also have a complimentary choice at

Here are the functions consisted of in the Silver tier, pulled directly from the TC2000 rates page.

Most premium charting plans have more indicators than one knows what to do with, the concern is, how many of those see any usage? Nowadays, it is standard for any charting plan to have more than 100 indications. How numerous of them can you name off the top of your head?


Scanner– EasyScan.

Live EasyScan Dashboard.
Set automated re-sort periods on your watchlists.
Display real-time counts of stocks passing your scans (as much as 15 concurrent).
Immediately access watchlists of passing stocks by clicking count in dashboard.
Track market sentiment by watching stocks flow between your scans.
Organize your EasyScans into reports.
Display up to 1000 notifies on price, indicators, and trendlines.

TC2000 is a high-end trading platform with a focus on charting. This charting software is created particularly for day trading and offers a large variety of powerful tools. Keep reading our TC2000 evaluation to discover out.


There are a few factors why one would choose the Gold tier over the Silver tier. Among them, which we pointed out before, is chart drawings like pattern lines and Fibonacci retracements. With this being a feature that is generally included in the basic tier of a lot of charting bundles, it can feel a bit inappropriate to pay triple the price of the fundamental tier for a feature that is consisted of on many complimentary web charts.


What Type of Trader is it Best For?

The platform is much more convenient if you have a TC2000 brokerage account so you can put trades in the platform. With costs beginning at $9.99 monthly, TC 2000 is reasonably priced. Ive checked out TC2000 reviews and feedback from other customers and they appear to share the very same belief.

The features I am detailing in the TC2000 review might appear unimportant, however the truth is that stock charts somewhat commoditized nowadays. The platform is even more hassle-free if you have a TC2000 brokerage account so you can put trades in the platform.


TC2000 is a high-end trading platform with a focus on charting. TC2000s charts are endlessly customizable and very user friendly. While at a glimpse, the charts appear comparable to numerous other charting platforms, TC2000s charts are more robust than your average chart.

The charts are practically unequaled in the industry.
Extensive attention to information and enthusiasm from the group, compared to many software application packages put out by a leading brokerage companies.
Excellent scanner.
Effective on CPU/memory for an application of its kind.

Pros & & Cons.

While I certainly suggest TC2000 for trader, I dont see TC2000 being as useful for investors, especially macro financiers who like to take positions in currency cryptocurrencies, futures, and pairs, as TC2000 only supports stocks.

TC2000 is absolutely the platform of choice for day traders in my opinion. TC2000 has whatever a day trader might request. Specifically, the assistance for drifting windows is substantial, as many day traders utilize upwards of 5 displays when trading. I likewise see EasyScan being a substantial sell for momentum-based day traders. The capability to narrow down the stocks doing the very best (or worst) in particular requirements is crucial for day traders, they wish to trade what is hot right now. There are tons of powerful trading tools in the TC2000 software.


Just supports stocks, no currencies, futures, or crypto.
The desktop platform is a drawback for many who prefer web-based applications.
No backtesting functionality.