Atom Finance Review – Are These Free Investing Tools Effective?

Atom Financing Review

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You might have come across Atom Finance if youre looking for a stock research platform. Atom Finance is a stock news and research study platform that consists of lots of fascinating tools and functions, such as modeling abilities and company contrast. Is this platform right for you? Read our evaluation of Atom Finance and discover the response to that concern and more.



What Is Atom Finance?

Atom Finance is an investing platform that provides a handful of special financial investment research tools. Atom Finance claims to bring institutional quality investing resources to the casual retail trader.

Is it worth your time? Keep reading our Atom Finance review to find out.

Atom Finance Cost

News feeds play a big function throughout Atom Finance. Within the platform, you can follow any number of stocks or market sectors and Atom Finance will instantly curate a news feed for you.

Atom Finance also has a feature it calls “X-ray,” which lets you browse for discusses of companies and/or keywords across news posts, earnings call records, and SEC filings. This can be practical if you want to dig a little much deeper into a business or its competition.

This is in fact pretty informative if you are invested in a broad variety of stocks. It is much more beneficial if you have actually been investing for awhile because you can evaluate your returns over time.

While this tool is definitely practical, its nothing brand-new. You can do comparable analyses with more data on Yahoo Finance and FinViz.

You likewise cant compare business based upon the models youve developed in the Sandbox. Thats a substantial blow considering that it avoids you from truly making the most of the custom modeling part of this platform.

Portfolio Tracking.

From there, you can model a fair worth for the share rate of a stock. You can use the price-to-earnings ratio and calculate a forward multiple to get the fair cost, or utilize overall enterprise worth to EBITDA or profits. Helpfully, Atom Finance likewise lets you select to see analysts consensus quotes for all of these worths, so you can see how your analysis compares to what professionals are believing.

For the sake of our Atom Finance review, we will be focusing on the complimentary service. If the company releases a paid service, we will upgrade the evaluation at a later point.

This is really a quite cool feature for a totally free tool. Its comparable to the premium performance of tools like EquityFeed and Benzinga Pro (although not quite as powerful).

One thing missing from Atom Finance, however, is a find function that permits you to find associated stocks based on recent efficiency. The only method to “discover” new stocks is to search for rivals to the stocks you currently follow..

You can likewise use Atom Finance as a portfolio tracker. Strangely, however, theres no way to go into transactions by hand onto the platform. You need to connect a brokerage account in order to track financial investments. This also indicates that you can not create a simulated portfolio and enjoy how it performs over time.

If you have several brokerage accounts, you can aggregate the data or look at each account separately..

The news and portfolio tracking functions of Atom Finance are absolutely nothing unique. There are likewise plenty of complimentary portfolio trackers that use more robust functions than Atom Finances tracker, consisting of the capability to input trades by hand.

Atom Finance likewise offers traders access to real-time information which is generally limited in complimentary tools. Real-time quotes are especially helpful for more active traders. While a lot of brokerages will provide real-time quotes to clients, its still good that this platform includes them.


Compatible Brokerages.

While the news feed isnt the star of the service, its still sufficient, and you can always use Yahoo Finance if required.

Atom Finance is completely complimentary to use. You can get access to all of the investing tools without paying a penny..

If you wish to get really deep into modeling, you can also modify detailed basics– for example, profits, year-over-year development percentage, and even tax rate, among around a dozen other metrics. Any design you create can be called and saved for future reference, which permits you to adjust expectations as new information comes in.

Surprisingly, Atom Finance does not have many stories from the biggest names in the stock news world– platforms like Benzinga, MarketWatch, and Bloomberg. Rather, numerous of the stories are from Reuters or from Atom Finances own press group.

Atom Finance provides a few standard research tools and investing tools for retail traders. While the tools are standard when compared to paid services, they are actually quite effective for a totally free service. Lets take a more detailed look.

Atom Finance does a bit of everything, but it leaves a lot of major spaces for traders to fail. The Sandbox modeling is arguably its finest and most unique function, however the platform does not really capitalize on it. You cant access your conserved designs throughout the platform, for instance when comparing multiple business basics or analyzing the stocks in your portfolio. That dramatically restricts the effectiveness of producing customized models, although theyre still really valuable for analyzing a single financial investment.

The platform is dealing with a paid service called Atom+, however it has not yet been launched and there is no prices information at this time..

Business Comparison.

Atom Finance lets you directly compare 2 or more business. We were thrilled to examine this feature although it ended up being a little frustrating.

News Feed.

That stated, the tool is developed more for analyzing your existing portfolio than it is for modeling simulated portfolios and/or new portfolios.

Atom Finance Features.

Atom Finance Platform Differentiators.

Once youve imported transactions, Atom Finance will chart your returns against the S&P 500 and determine the average P/E and other fundamental metrics for your portfolio. It will also display your portfolio variety based upon which sectors the stocks you hold fall into. Obviously, you can also track your positions and trades over several different timeframes.

Atom Finance is extremely adjustable in that you have complete control over which stocks and market sectors you wish to follow. The platform will immediately tailor your news feeds and the Hub to these sectors and stocks.

With that said, Atom Finance claims to provide “institutional-quality” tools, so lets take a better look at some of the apps functions. If you want to follow along with the review, you can sign up for an account listed below.

The platform can be accessed online or through a mobile app that is offered on the App Store and Google Play.

Atom Finance can import trade information from a large range of US brokerages, including Schwab, E * TRADE, Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, Robinhood, and more. Adding your brokerage account to the platform allows you to track your return and evaluate your holdings.

The most distinct aspect of Atom Finance is its financial models, which it puts under a tab identified “Sandbox.” With these models, you have the option to personalize many of the presumptions that experts utilize when computing a target price for a stock. You can modify the number of shares impressive, the share price, and the overall financial obligation and revenue that you believe a company will catch in the future. Based on that, Atom Finance will immediately recalculate basics like business value-to-EBITDA and price-to-earnings ratio.

Personalization And Layout.

There are no built-in screeners or sector listings to help you decide which business to compare. You need to enter tickers manually, so this tool is only helpful if you currently know which business are worth comparing for your functions..

While totally free stock exchange services might look like a terrific worth, you should still ensure they are worth your time. I d prefer to spend for a service that helps me make money in the market than use a totally free service that does absolutely nothing for me.

What Type of Trader Is Atom Finance Best For?

Designing information isnt offered across the platform.
News feeds dont pull stories from numerous major outlets.
Lots of functions are redundant to the ones provided by brokers.

Entirely totally free to use.
Numerous financial investment research study tools.
Real time stock market data.
Broker integration for investment accounts.
Customized modeling of stock reasonable worth.
Curated news feeds.
Fundamental portfolio tracking and analysis.
Compare principles throughout companies.

If youre looking for a stock research study platform, you might have come throughout Atom Finance. Atom Finance is a stock news and research platform that includes lots of fascinating tools and features, such as modeling abilities and company contrast. Atom Finance is an investing platform that provides a handful of unique financial investment research tools. Remarkably, Atom Finance does not have numerous stories from the biggest names in the stock news world– platforms like Benzinga, MarketWatch, and Bloomberg. In this sense, a lot of the stock market tools provided by Atom Finance will be redundant.

Ideally, when the Atom+ service is introduced, the business will complete a few of the gaps of the present service and present new functions. For now, it is an excellent free investing tool for examining your portfolio, evaluating filings and news, and getting access to real-time stock market data as you need it.

The platform is likewise perfect for cost-conscious financiers who want complimentary financial investment research study tools that can be utilized to evaluate investment accounts and new investing opportunities. The main appeal of this service is that it is complimentary. Theres no doubt that the tools include value, but the second you throw a membership cost on the service, you require to begin comparing it to options.

It needs to likewise be noted that a great deal of the investing tools offered in this service are also available through the majority of brokers. Many brokers will give you access to real-time quotes, financial investment research, news, SEC filings, portfolio management tools, and other research tools. In this sense, a great deal of the stock market tools used by Atom Finance will be redundant.

Atom Finance is finest for basic investors who can benefit from the platforms custom modeling features. This is a really distinct feature for long-term financiers to have access to, and its extremely remarkable that the platform uses this modeling for totally free. That stated, financiers must be careful when producing their own models. The modeling tool is quickly accessible, but it should just be utilized by financiers who feel comfy diving deep into profits reports and call transcripts to come up with projections for the future..



That said, the service is 100% complimentary right now so its definitely worth having a look at.