Philips Launches Advanced 3D Imaging Navigation Platform for Faster Lung Cancer Diagnosis

What You Need to Know:

Royal Philips, today
announced the launch of Azurion
Lung Edition, a sophisticated 3D imaging and navigation platform to speed up
the medical diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. The suite combines CT-like 3D
images acquired at the tableside (Cone Beam CT) with live X-ray assistance and
sophisticated tools to support image-guided lung treatments. The system is developed
particularly for bronchoscopy treatments, making it possible for clinicians to carry out both
minimally intrusive endobronchial biopsies and sore ablation during the exact same
procedure. By speeding medical diagnosis and treatment, Azurion Lung Edition is assisting
to change lung cancer care, contributing to considerably enhanced results
and reduced costs.

User-friendly, incorporated, and efficient, the Azurion platform optimizes functional and medical lab performance and broadens the role of image-guided interventions in the treatment of patients. The platform has attained rapid worldwide adoption and has actually been used in well over two million procedures worldwide.

— By speeding diagnosis and treatment, Azurion Lung Edition.
is helping to transform lung cancer care, adding to dramatically improved
outcomes and minimized expenses.

— Philips paves the way for faster lung cancer medical diagnosis and treatment with sophisticated 3D imaging and navigation platform with the launch of Azurion Lung Edition

Why It Matters

< Each year 1.7 million people pass away worldwide of lung cancer, making it the leading reason for cancer deaths internationally and accounting for more death than prostate, breast and colon cancer combined. Today, over 60% of clients are identified at a late phase, with a small chance of a surgical cure. But thanks to a rise in the variety of lung cancer screening programs and increasing patient awareness, a growing proportion of clients have small peripheral lesions that are operable. Philips Azurion Lung Edition is. available now in the U.S. Schedule. " Image-guided minimally invasive treatments continue to expand into brand-new treatment areas, enabled by sophisticated, procedure-oriented services like Azurion Lung Edition," stated Dr. Gupta. "With lung cancer progressively being spotted at an earlier stage, brand-new minimally intrusive treatment methods like ablation have the prospective to significantly enhance results for patients.". In addition to early diagnosis, fast treatment is vital to guarantee better outcomes and lifestyle for lung cancer clients, with each week of delay resulting in a 5% increase in mortality. Today, many patients face a long journey to a conclusive diagnosis and they often go through an uncomfortable healing after open surgical treatment. Cone Beam CT is viewed as the gold requirement for clinicians to both deal with and diagnose lung cancer in one space, and even during the very same treatment..