Most hospitals fail to address harassment of workers in patient bill of rights

Almost all hospitals specify a patients right to receive care devoid of unwanted sexual advances, but few include a no tolerance policy of harassment toward health care workers in the patients obligations, according to a research study letter released in JAMA Network Open.

Gabrielle Masson –
Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

If the client expense of responsibilities utilized the words harassment, abuse or discrimination to specifically condemn behaviors (e.g. “harassment will not be tolerated”), it was coded as specific. Files that didnt use these words but used positive habits to describe expectations (e.g. “be considerate”) were coded as suggestive..

The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine recommends that healthcare facilities preserve a plainly written patient bill of rights and duties communicating a zero tolerance policy for unwanted sexual advances towards health care professionals. Scientist analyzed the degree to which 50 hospitals affiliated with the Association of American Medical Colleges complied with NASEM suggestions between February and October 2019.

Six study findings:.

1. All 50 hospitals kept openly available client bills of rights.

2. Of the client costs of rights, 94 percent (47) plainly stated that the patient has the right to a discrimination-free experience.

3. Only 22 percent (11) particularly resolved sexual assault or harassment.

4. Of the 50 healthcare facilities, 78 percent (39) had publicly available patient expenses of duties.

5. Of the 39 patient duty declarations, only one (3 percent) used the word harassment, and none included language against patient-perpetrated unwanted sexual advances or abuse..

6. Language coded as suggestive (instead of specific) was utilized in 97 percent (38) of the patient duty statements.

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