LexaGene Raises $13.29M to Launch Automated Genetic Analyzer Device

What You Need to Know:

— MiQLab is uniquely open-access, which allows users to
tailor their tests and create new tests quickly. In the event where a brand-new test
was required because of a mutation, the open-access feature enables new tests to
be released quickly on LexaGenes MiQLab system.

LexaGene has actually submitted an initial prepare for COVID-19.
checking to the FDA and is still in conversations with the firm concerning the.
suggested research studies for this unique technology. As is standard practice, until the.
FDA grants LexaGenes instrument EUA for COVID-19 testing, all work using.
LexaGene instruments is categorized as Research Use Only and can not be utilized for.
human scientific diagnostics.

Researchers who have customized testing requires make up the.
open-access market, and they presently spend hours a day to manually carry out.
PCR testing. These very same individuals will now have the chance to save hours.
a day by having MiQLab automate the processing of their own tests.

LexaGene has actually established a gold basic diagnostic gadget
called MiQLab that applies a.
proprietary RT-qPCR-based approach to evaluate each samples contents for up to 27.
different pathogens in around one hour. MiQLab is uniquely open-access,.
which allows users to tailor their tests and develop brand-new tests easily. In the.
case where a new test was required due to the fact that of a mutation, the open-access feature.
allows new tests to be deployed quickly on LexaGenes MiQLab system.

— LexaGenes closes CAD$ 13 million financing round as it
prepares to introduce its gold standard diagnostic device called MiQLab that
applies a proprietary RT-qPCR-based technique to examine each samples contents
for approximately 27 different pathogens in roughly one hour.

LexaGene Holdings Inc., a molecular diagnostics business that establishes hereditary analyzers for pathogen detection and other molecular markers for on-site rapid testing has actually raised CAD$ 13.29 million in funding.

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