Huawei’s Ecosystem: HarmonyOS 2.0 Launch

The adage saying that necessity is the mother of invention has never been true to Huawei until the United States successively placed the technology company in a tight spot.

For long, the company has exhausted so much of its resources to keep its smartphone business afloat.

As it moves towards an “autarky” kind of independence, its self-designed operating system called “HarmonyOS 2.0 SDK” launches today.

The new system software will be available for TVs, watches, and car head units as early as tomorrow. Consequently, the version for smartphones will be coming at a much later time in December.

The first smartphones running on the homegrown operating system will enter into force next year. No exact date of the release mentioned, but the company made it clear that the first batch of products will be exclusively available to the Chinese market only.

The new creation boasts improved security, smart voice recognition, and faster cross-device data transfer in its channels.

Adding to the festive mood, Huawei also revealed its first open-source version of the HarmonyOS called the “OpenHarmony” project. This is inspired by Google’s AOSP.

In an update, the technology firm mentioned the impressive milestones of Huawei Mobile Services.

It now holds the support of over 1.8 million developers and more than 96,000 apps in its interface and is considered as the world’s third-largest mobile app ecosystem.

After the Trump administration blacklisted the Chinese modern technology firm, Google cut its access to the Android OS. However, it is allowed to use open source code to access some of Google’s features.

The firm was granted permission to access only apps listed in the Google Mobile Services, namely Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail, among others.

Huawei, Huawei’s Ecosystem: HarmonyOS 2.0 Launch

Huawei is in a Tight Spot but Thriving

Being cut from Android’s support strongly dented smartphone manufacturers’ sales on the overseas market. Luckily enough, its domestic sales in China surged, thereby supporting its market value.

Last year, the company secured the second spot in the market ranking for 2019 after shipping 240 million units for the year.

However in recent months, the pain of software shortages started to set in. Its shipments fell to only 105 million in the first half of 2020.

Huawei’s HarmonyOS will directly rival Google’s Android mobile operating system. As stated on technology news, the tech firm invested millions of dollars in developing the project.

Currently, sources say that HarmonyOS already boasts 70-80% of Android’s performance features. Considering the development span, industry enthusiasts are impressed with how well the company adapted in just a short period.

Huawei’s latest invention came at a time when the US expands its restrictions targeted on Chinese technology frontrunners.

In August’s latest round of sanctions, the Trump administration ordered Huawei’s semiconductor suppliers using US technology to obtain a special license to continue their transactions with the firm.

Analysts noted that Huawei has only a year’s worth of supplies in its stockpile before its smartphone business faces a serious disappearance threat.

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