How Redundancy Can Be a Blessing in Disguise

I have two times been made redundant, and at both times, it was difficult to accept.

Throughout the redundancy procedure, and for some time later, my feelings were all over the place, making it difficult for me to believe directly.

To the majority of people, redundancy is a dreadful word.

But Ive discovered that when were able to look back, we can in some cases see that redundancy may not have been the worst thing that could have occurred to us.

“If you want something youve never ever had, you should be willing to do something you have actually never ever done.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

It conjures up thoughts of difficulty, of shortage, and of having a hard time to make ends meet.

Redundancy: Was it A Blessing in Disguise?

I resisted.

I soon understood that grief would have made it impossible for me to perform to my usual high standards.

After her passing, I continued to fight the company till we settled.

I felt upset and angry.

The truth is, at that point, I required a break from work.

My other half of thirty-five years was terminally ill.

My other half frequently said that everything occurs for a factor.

Redundancy suggested that for her last couple of weeks, I could look after her, 24/7.

Sadly, my new company didnt require another senior manager. After just a week, they ended my employment.

The first time I was made redundant occurred when my employer stopped working to hold on to our most successful contract. Losing it resulted in my team and me moving to the professional that had outbid us.

And I pertained to see that, in some scenarios, even redundancy can be a blessing. A true blessing in disguise however a blessing, however.

6 months later on, I began a new task.

Redundancy: Reason Gives Way to Emotional Turmoil

However when were on the getting end of bad news, were unable to understand the distinction; our minds churn with frightening and unfavorable thoughts.

In spite of my indisputable efficiency, I was made redundant.

I was leading a multidisciplinary group in a national organization, but reorganizing suggested there were now less groups than supervisors, so my job was at threat.

Compared to voluntarily walking out on a job without another one to go to (as I have done numerous times), being made redundant feels extremely individual, which it rarely is. And, in my case, sensations of helplessness, and loss of control, made me desire to fight back.

However that didnt appear to count for much.

I had several brand-new projects underway, and it seemed to me that a modification of leadership at that point was potentially damaging and unforeseen.

My 2nd redundancy was because of organizational restructuring.

Again, I felt aggrieved, upset, betrayed and angry.

Ive seen personnel screen similar emotions when, as their manager, Ive led them through redundancy consultations. I always attempted to soften the blow by pointing out that its the post, not the post-holder, that is being made redundant.

Reorganize: Redundancy and Reluctant Retirement

I think its the fight-or-flight response.

I was in health and still had a lot to give.
I had actually been working for more than fifty years and couldnt think of life without a task.

By now youre probably thinking, this man has anger management concerns. I ensure you, I dont. I am usually an easy-going individual, however for some reason, the idea of redundancy highlighted the worst in me.

This time I didnt combat.

In time, I concerned recognize this redundancy as a true blessing too: the companys worths were wandering more apart from mine. If I hadnt left at that point, it wouldnt have actually been long prior to I left by option. At least, with redundancy, they paid me to go.

Despite the fact that I feared being out of work, I desired to get on with my life.

I was beyond state retirement age, however I felt too young to retire.

Redundant? Stop the Panic! Regroup and reflect

I requested 2 tasks and got an interview for both.

Bereft of my job, I right away started using for brand-new positions.

I felt excellent: two interviews from just two applications!

Here was proof that employers were looking for someone like me, with high-level qualifications, skills, and experience. All I needed to do was play the numbers video game, keep submitting task applications, and faster or later the right task would be mine.

That was a turning point.

Instead of being dissatisfied, I felt such a deep sense of relief that I simply understood I needed to think seriously about why I felt that method.

Now I could hang around with my pre-schooler grandchildren: another blessing.

I felt complimentary.

I decided that if I operated at all, it would be for myself, on my terms.

The interviews went well– or so I believed.

Gone was the panic of not having a job; I was thinking plainly.

I didnt get either task.

I stopped searching through task advertisements and binned my CV.

Redundancy: Impact on Self-esteem and Self-belief

If your job is at risk, you may believe me naive to recommend that redundancy can be a blessing.

Thats a reasonable point: I am not discussing redundancy in basic, just on personal experience, and even then, with the benefit of hindsight.

Your experience is not likely to mirror mine, and your scenarios will be substantially different. Ive tried to be open and truthful about my sensations to reveal you that:

Redundancy can stimulate intense feelings which are most likely to cloud our judgment;
Acknowledging and welcoming our sensations is better than burying them, or pretending were all right when were not;
We are most likely to feel in a different way, and to see the finest way forward when we are thinking clearly.

I chose to deliberately check out chances for which I had little or no understanding or experience, choices that would push me well beyond my convenience zone. And for that, I required to discover brand-new abilities, which I have actually done, and continue to do.

When were in a state of shock, our self-esteem suffers, and self-belief goes through the flooring. Which most likely discusses why I instantly began trying to find another task. Maybe unconsciously I was attempting to show to myself, and the world, that I still have what it takes to be successful.

Nevertheless, when my mind quietened, I could think more rationally.

Redundancy: A Chance to Chase Our Dreams

I dont have lots of regrets, however I want I d pursued some of the things Im doing now, much earlier. Due to the fact that Im finding that careers like writing and coaching would have been possible even when holding down a demanding job.

I acknowledge that not everyone is in a position where they can pick not to seek paid work, and Im certainly not promoting it.

Regardless of our varying circumstances, redundancy supplies time for reflection, time that we might not otherwise have, and which we could put to great use.

Some of us are so hectic that we never stop to question if what were doing is what we truly desire.

Others might intentionally be sacrificing their dreams instead of run the risk of not having a constant income.

As Thomas Jefferson said, “If you desire something youve never had, you must be ready to do something youve never ever done.”

Its excellent to stop occasionally to think about what types of work would give us the most complete satisfaction and fulfilment.

To conclude:

Theres a lot about redundancy that I still do not like.

I did like being offered the time in which to believe.

And I saw that I had an option.

I could see redundancy either as a disaster or a true blessing: I selected the latter.

About Herbie Yon

In time, I came to recognize this redundancy as a true blessing too: the companys values were wandering further apart from mine. At least, with redundancy, they paid me to go.

By now youre most likely believing, this person has anger management concerns. I am usually an easy-going person, however for some reason, the idea of redundancy brought out the worst in me.

Herbie Yon is a licensed coach, author, spiritual leader, and former senior manager. He is on a mission to help people live to their highest potential, both personal and expert. Love personal development? Why not earn money to grow yourself while assisting others and begin a new career as a high-end coach. Click on this link for more.

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Which most likely discusses why I immediately began looking for another task.