Intel, Samsung Collaborate on AI-Powered Fetal Ultrasound Smart Workflow

What You Ought to Know:

According to the World Health Organization, about 295,000.
females passed away during and following pregnancy and childbirth in 2017, even as.
maternal mortality rates reduced. While every pregnancy and birth is distinct,.
most maternal deaths are avoidable. Research from the Perinatal Institute.
discovered that tracking fetal growth is important for excellent prenatal care and can.
aid prevent stillbirths when doctors have the ability to recognize development.

— BiometryAssist automates and standardizes fetal
measurements in roughly 85 milliseconds with a single click, providing
over 97% accuracy.

Why It Matters.

— BiometryAssist and LaborAssist are already in usage in 80
nations, including the United States, Korea, Italy, France, Brazil and
Russia. The services got Class 2 clearance by the FDA in 2020.

” At Intel, we are concentrated on developing and making it possible for world-changing technology that enhances the lives of everyone in the world,” said Claire Celeste Carnes, tactical marketing director for Health and Life Sciences at Intel. “We are dealing with companies like Samsung Medison to adopt the latest innovations in manner ins which improve the patient security and improve medical workflows, in this case for the time-sensitive and crucial care supplied throughout pregnancy and delivery.”.

How It Works.


< " LaborAssist provides automated measurement of the angle of progression as well as info relating to fetal head direction and approximated head station. It is beneficial for describing to the patient and her household how the labor is advancing, utilizing ultrasound images which show the change of head station during labor. It is expected to be of fantastic support in the assessment of labor progression and decision-making for shipment," stated Professor Min Jeong Oh, MD, PhD, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Korea University Guro Hospital in Seoul, Korea. Throughout labor, LaborAssist assists physicians approximate fetal. AOP and head direction. This allows both the doctor and patient to. understand the fetal descent and labor process and figure out the finest technique. for shipment. There is always risk with delivery and a slowing progress could. outcome in concerns for the baby. Getting more precise and real-time. progression of labor can help physicians determine the finest mode of shipment. and possibly assist lower the variety of unneeded cesarean areas. -- Samsung Medison and Intel collaborate on AI-powered brand-new smart workflow options to enhance obstetric measurements that add to maternal and fetal safety. Samsung Medisons LaborAssist ultrasound image reveals a fetus angle of development. Samsung Medison and Intel are collaborating on new smart workflow options to improve obstetric measurements that contribute to fetal and maternal security and can help save lives. (Credit: Samsung Medison) BiometryAssist automates and standardizes fetal measurements. in roughly 85 milliseconds with a single click, offering over 97%. accuracy. This permits medical professionals to spend more time talking with their patients. while also standardizing fetal measurements, which have historically shown. challenging to properly provide. With BiometryAssist, doctors can rapidly. validate constant measurements for high volumes of clients. BiometryAssist and LaborAssist are currently in use in 80. countries, consisting of the United States, Korea, Italy, France, Brazil and. Russia. The options received Class 2 clearance by the FDA in 2020. Intel and. Samsung Medison will continue to team up to advance the cutting-edge in. ultrasounds by accelerating AI and leveraging sophisticated technology in Samsung. Medisons next-generation ultrasound solutions, consisting of Nerve Tracking, SW. Beamforming and AI Module. Today, Samsung Medison and Intel revealed a new cooperation on new wise workflow options to enhance obstetric measurements that contribute to fetal and maternal safety and can conserve lives. Utilizing an Intel ® Core ™ i3 processor, the Intel ® Distribution of OpenVINO ™ toolkit and OpenCV library, Samsung Medisons BiometryAssist ™. automates and simplifies fetal measurements, while LaborAssist ™ instantly quotes. the fetal angle of progression (AoP) throughout labor for a total understanding. of a clients birthing progress, without the need for intrusive digital vaginal. exams.