What Each Zodiac Wishes They Could Change About Their Past

You want you wouldve spent less time stressing over individuals who werent putting you first. You wish you wouldve focused more on yourself than the people around you.

You want you were more comfortable with your look and your character. You want you learned to love yourself at an earlier age.

You wish you werent so stubborn when you were more youthful. You want you wouldve realized you werent actually right about everything and listened to the suggestions others gave you.

You wish you spent more time going out and having a good time. You want you didnt take yourself so seriously years ago, back before you had a million obligations.

You wish you werent so obsessed with your relationship status. You wish you enjoyed your single days instead of counting down up until you had your very first kiss.


You wish you could take back some terrible things youve said to somebody you care about deeply. You want you might pull them back into your life.








When you were more youthful, you want you stuck up for yourself more. You want you didnt let numerous individuals walk all over you.

You want you didnt lose a lot time on the incorrect person. You want you saw the warnings sooner and left a little earlier.


You wish you wouldve invested more time pursuing your goals and less time screwing around. You want you came up with a prepare for your life previously.


You want you didnt press away such a gorgeous individual. You wish you wouldve seen their worth prior to it was far too late.

You want you werent trying to mature so quick. You want you wouldve taken pleasure in lounging around and doing definitely nothing while you still had the possibility.



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You want you took better care of your mental health. You want you put energy into making certain you were as healthy as possible.