FCC Releases Guidance for $100M Connected Care Pilot Program

What You Ought to Know:

The Pilot Program is open to nonprofit and public eligible.
healthcare companies that fall within the statutorily detailed classifications of.
” healthcare company” in section 254( h)( 7 )( B) of the Telecommunications Act of.
1996, whether located in non-rural or rural locations. To prepare to send.
an application, eligible healthcare service providers can take steps now to obtain an.
eligibility decision by submitting an FCC Form 460 with the Universal Service.
Administrative Company (USAC) to acquire a Health Care Provider (HCP) number and.
eligibility decision. An eligibility determination and HCP number is.
needed for each health care service provider site that will be included in an.
application for the Pilot Program. Healthcare service provider sites that USAC.
has actually currently considered eligible to take part in the FCCs Rural Health Care.
Program or COVID-19 Telehealth Program may count on that eligibility.
decision for the Pilot Program.

( 2) health care provider broadband information connections;.

< The Commission adopted last rules for the Connected Care. Pilot Program on April 2, 2020. ( 3) other linked care details services; and. Specifically, the Pilot Program will use USF financing to assist. defray costs of connected care services for qualified health care service providers,. offering universal service support for 85% of the cost of qualified services. and network devices, which consist of:. For additional information, download the public notification here. " This year, our nation has pivoted to a newer design of providing healthcare, one that finds connection at its core, and the FCC has actually increased to the obstacle in supporting connected care services throughout the United States," said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai." Our Connected Care Pilot Program will help us to look to the future and identify how universal service assistance can shepherd telehealth services into a new era of health care delivery. Todays Public Notice provides critical program information to help health care service providers prepare to make an application for this universal service program. I d like to thank my colleagues at the FCC for working diligently on this effort and Commissioner Carr for his management on this essential effort.". -- FCC launches Public Notice providing additional details and guidance for prospective candidates thinking about looking for its Connected Care Pilot Program. The Pilot Program will not supply funding for gadgets. Connected Care Pilot Program Background. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today released a Public Notice supplying additional info and assistance for prospective candidates thinking about making an application for its Connected Care Pilot Program. The Pilot Program will provide as much as $100 million from the Universal Service Fund over a three-year period to support the arrangement of linked care services, with a focus on supporting these services for low-income Americans and veterans. The FCC will release a. subsequent Public Notice with information relating to application procedures,. including the timing of the application window. -- The Connected Care Pilot Program will offer approximately $ 100 million from the Universal Service Fund (USF) over a three-year period to picked candidates to support the provision of connected care services. ( 1) patient broadband Internet access services;. ( 4) particular network devices..