FDA Approves Medtronic’s Insulin Pump System for People with Type 1 Diabetes

What You Must Know:

— Ability to supply care partners remote access to patients pump and CGM information through the CareLink ™ Connect app, enabling peace-of-mind for caretakers, convenience and confidence for moms and dads, and the chance for kids to develop independence.

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Automobile Mode.

< Why It Matters. -- Ability to show both their pump and continuous glucose display (CGM) information on the system users individual smart device utilizing the MiniMed ™ Mobile app. Medtronic revealed it has gotten U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of its MiniMed ™ 770G hybrid closed-loop system. This most recent insulin pump system uses the businesss most advanced SmartGuard ™ technology, as featured in the MiniMed ™ 670G system, with the included benefits of smartphone connection and an expanded age indication to kids as young as 2. " When children are identified with diabetes it is a household disease with parents and caregivers playing a substantial role in diabetes management," said Jennifer McVean, M.D., pediatric endocrinologist with University of Minnesota Health. "Being able to offer my clients an insulin pump system that offers safe, automatic insulin delivery and mobile phone connectivity is extremely helpful. I have seen favorable results with the MiniMed 670G system in my practice, and the younger age indication that the MiniMed 770G system offers can change the lives of much more people dealing with type 1 diabetes.". Caring for a kid is challenging work, but caretakers deal with unique difficulties when keeping track of the health of a child with diabetes. A scientific study of the MiniMed 670G system carried out in kids 2 to six years of age revealed an enhancement in results similar to those observed in older adolescents and adults and supported the submission of the MiniMed 770G system. -- Ability for data to be shared instantly with teachers and clinicians to help assist in more reliable telehealth gos to and item trainings during the COVID pandemic. Secret Features. Schedule. The system will make it possible for caretakers and care partners to see user information remotely on their mobile phones, with proactive in-app notifications sent out when sugar levels are out of variety. The data can also be shared instantly with clinicians and teachers to help facilitate more effective telehealth check outs and item training. Users of the MiniMed 770G system will now have. access to an elevated level of care, consisting of:. -- Medtronic announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of the MiniMed ™ 770G hybrid insulin pump system with mobile phone connection and a broadened age indication to patients with Type 1 diabetes aged 2 and up-- the most affordable age indicator by the FDA for an automated insulin pump system.. The algorithm that. powers the insulin pump, called SmartGuard Auto Mode, describes the systems. capability to continually change the amount of insulin delivered every five. minutes, 24 hours a day, based upon the requirements of the person. The goal of this. automated shipment of background insulin is to take full advantage of the time glucose levels. are within the optimal target variety and to minimize both low and high glucose. levels. The new MiniMed 770G system includes the Guardian ™ Sensor 34, the. MiniMed ™ Mobile app (compatible with both iPhone and Android), and Roche. Accu-Chek ® Guide Link meter, which is Bluetooth ® suitable for enhanced use. Medtronic will begin taking orders for the brand-new MiniMed 770G. system in the United States today. -- The brand-new. MiniMed 770G system comes with the Guardian ™ Sensor 34, the MiniMed ™ Mobile app. ( compatible with both iPhone and Android), and Roche Accu-Chek ® Guide Link. meter, which is Bluetooth ® compatible for enhanced use.