U of Utah creating app that helps pediatric cancer patients record their symptoms

The app, called Color Me Health, enables children to tape-record their symptoms in a diary and create an avatar to use to describe where they might be experiencing pain. All information taped in the app is then equated into a report for the patients clinicians to review.

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The National Institutes of Health and the St. Baldricks Foundation moneyed the development of the app, which is not yet openly offered. The projects leaders intend to launch it soon so doctors can start utilizing it on their younger clients, according to the report.

Dr. Altizer and the other project leaders wish to more develop the app so that it will be able to transition information gathered straight to the patients EHR.

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Salt Lake City-based University of Utahs nursing college, therapeutic video games department and apps lab are working together on a brand-new mobile app that assists pediatric cancer clients log their symptoms and share their health information with their care teams, according to Fox 13.

Roger Altizer, PhD, digital medication director of University of Utahs medical development center, described to the network why the Color Me Healthy app will work well amongst pediatric patients: “Kids understand apps and games actually well. I think COVID-19 has shown that lots of people are using more apps and more games in their lives, so its a natural thing to expect kids to be able to utilize an app to explain their signs.”.

Jackie Drees –
Tuesday, September 1st, 2020