20 Hilarious Ways To Tell Your Friends You’re Not Hanging Out With Them In A Pandemic

Ask Reddit understands precisely what you need to state the next time your pals ask to hang out.

1. I have actually sworn an oath of solitude until the plague is purged from the lands.

2. Whilst youre one of my very preferred illness vectors, Im going to need to say no.

3. Cant go outside, air is haunted.

4. I cant be ranting about remaining home and using your masks and then go to celebrations.

5. During a pandemic?!?

6. Begone, pester bearer!

7. Piss off, I do not wan na catch corona.

8. Keep your lung cooties to yourself.

9. Ill see you men when that vaccine strikes. Dont have excessive enjoyable without me.

10. Nah sis, corona. Love you though bitch.

11. Fuck off, Im too poor to be sick.

12. I am 27 years of ages, Ive no cash and no prospects. I am currently a problem to my moms and dads. And Im scared.

13. Dude, no. Theres a pandemic?

14. Much better 6 feet apart than 6 feet under.

15. I value the lives of my household, good friends, self, and those required to be in situations around me, sorry.

16. Fuck off, I aint dying by doing this.

17. I do not want to get that rona kind ya bitch ass.

18. You people are filthy careless heathens and I do not wan na pass away from among you douches saying the word wonderful and spitting all over each other.

19. Im not stepping foot in your haunted plague box.

20. Im so fed up with this infection. I wish to do whatever I can to make it go away. I certainly wouldnt desire to be an asymptomatic carrier and transmit it to my buddies and household..

Whilst youre one of my really favorite disease vectors, Im going to have to say no.

3. Cant go outside, air is haunted.

Throughout a pandemic?!?

6. Ill see you guys when that vaccine strikes. I want to do everything I can to make it go away.