The Mistakes Smart Guys Make With Women

There are a lot of smart people out there. Theyre successful with great educations and stable tasks, and they also appreciate ladies. Theyre simply in general heros. Even these guys seem to be able to mess up relationships with women consistently and with such ease that it makes it almost seem deliberate. Why is that?

It appears like an age-old story, right? Guy meets person, woman and lady have a connection, guy instantly (and then ever after) puts his foot in his mouth, does something insensitive, or any variety of other things that suddenly makes the connection tenuous and develops strife. As it turns out, there are some particular factors for this and extremely typical errors that even the smartest guys tend to make.

Why Men Make Mistakes So Often

Males and female are various. Duh? I suggest, thats why relationships are fun and exciting– while likewise irritating and confusing. Among the biggest differences in between women and men, nevertheless, is their psychological intelligence ratio (EQ). Ladies simply tend to score greater.

Emotional intelligence is not synonymous with being emotional. What it is, really, is how we handle our relationships with others and relate with them. EQ, in its actual definition, describes psychological and social capacities that cumulatively demonstrate how effective were able to:

Having a greater EQ can be an advantage in lots of areas, not just relationships. However when it pertains to relationships, being able to see, understand, and respond to emotions and the non-verbal hints associated with feeling can show to be essential. Without this ability (ahem … guys are you listening?) you can make big, insensitive mistakes and ruin an advantage.

What this suggests is that somebody with a high EQ is not only in-tune with their own emotions, however can recognize and effectively react to the emotional state of others. This is an area where ladies generally surpass men.

View and convey our feelings
Grow and sustain our social connections
Handle difficulties, stress, and make decisions
Utilize psychological info in a appropriate and effective manner

The Big Five

Okay, we understand even clever guys make dumb errors with women. And not all of these errors are the same, but here are a couple of that seem to be fairly universal.

1Trying to manage everything

This is a big one and most of us have actually been guilty of it. We can blame society, stereotypes, or our parents, but men are usually taught they need to be strong and in charge. Control issues for males can appear anywhere from making strategies for the two of you without consulting her, to attempting to “fix” every problem or issue she experiences.

Women arent keen on being dealt with like subordinates, which is what you may be automatically doing if you try to organize whatever. Remember, shes your equivalent; she might even be smarter than you, and a relationship is a collaboration.

2You stop working to consider her sensations (or just disregard them).

If you pay attention and listen, a lot of females will inform you (or reveal you) how they feel. Not acknowledging these sensations and responding appropriately can leave you in a bad area. Because ladies are usually more in-tune with emotions they desire them to be acknowledged and understood. It makes them feel closer to you and safe in your relationship. And guess what? Its excellent for you too.

3You dont reveal your own sensations.

Yep, she expresses hers and she wishes to hear yours too. The propensities towards one-word responses, holding things in, and attempting to be “strong” that many guys do can leave your lady feeling uncared for and in the dark. Just like Billy Joel encourages, “tell her about it, let her know simply how you feel.” This consists of when youre feeling hurt, terrified, or insecure.

4You ASSume.

This may rival being controlling as one of the largest errors. Never ever presume anything (respectable advice in basic). You cant read her mind and she cant read yours. If you desire things to be healthy and strong between the two of you, you need to establish great communication.

5You do not make her feel valued.

Even these guys appear to be able to mess up relationships with females repeatedly and with such ease that it makes it almost appear purposeful. One of the greatest differences between men and women, nevertheless, is their psychological intelligence quotient (EQ). The need to feel valued isnt simply a woman thing (we require it too), usually, women are much better at making us feel valued than we are at making them feel valued. Guys are notorious for taking the love, affection, and little things that the women we like do for us for given. While clever guys do frequently make dumb errors with women and their relationships, it should be noted that females can be equally as guilty at times.

The need to feel valued isnt just a girl thing (we require it too), generally, ladies are much better at making us feel valued than we are at making them feel valued. Guys are well-known for taking the love, affection, and small things that the women we like provide for us for given. Find a way on a regular basis to let her understand how much you value her.

While wise guys do often make dumb errors with women and their relationships, it must be kept in mind that women can be equally as guilty at times. I, by no methods, dont wish to insinuate that guys are knuckle-dragging idiots that cant deal with ladies properly. Or that ladies are widely angelic and never at fault.
The reality is that relationships are difficult at times and both genders can making dumb mistakes. The blunders of males often simply occur quicker and are more immediately obvious.
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Dr. Kurt Smith is the Clinical Director of Guy Stuff Counseling & & Coaching, a Northern California therapy practice that focuses on assisting men and the ladies who enjoy them. His know-how is in comprehending males, their partners, and the special relationship obstacles couples face today. Dr. Kurt is a lover of pets, sarcasm, everything outdoors, and assisting those looking for to make their relationships better.

Author: Dr. Kurt Smith.