How Each Zodiac Wants To Be Kissed



They wish to be kissed with enthusiasm and intensity. They want to feel your enjoyment.


They wish to be kissed gradually and tenderly. They desire it to indicate something.


They desire adorable, playful kisses on their foreheads when you leave for work or class.

They desire to be kissed without caution. When they least expect it, they want you to shock them.

They desire to be tossed versus the wall and kissed. They desire you to act daring and wild.






They wish to be kissed all over their body. They desire to feel your lips everywhere.

They desire to be kissed while snuggling. They wish to be relaxing in bed with you.

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They want to be kissed someplace stunning, in the moonlight or during a daybreak.

They want to be kissed while youre holding hands or while youre playing with their hair..



They wish to be kissed approximately and hungrily. If biting is involved, they dont mind.

They wish to be kissed chastely, on the cheek or hand. They wish to start slow.


They wish to be kissed on the neck while you hug them from behind. They wish to feel your entire body pressed against them.