Dignity Health Management Services to Leverage Innovaccer’s FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform

What You Need to Know:

— With this partnership, the company will take advantage of
Innovaccers FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform to better manage healthcare
services for its attributed clients.

To attain an extensive overview
of its network, Dignity Health Management Services will likewise utilize InGraph,
Innovaccers population health management option developed on top of the
FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform. DHMSOs leaders will view drilled-down
analysis of their under-performing specifications through InGraphs 60+ client
stratification functions and advanced analytics offered by customizable
dashboards. They will have the ability to identify, have a complete introduction of, and
gain insight into their cohort of at-risk patients to track utilization and
patterns. The organization will be empowered to carry out care management
enhancements and follow results within various management spheres, changing
as needed to drive optimum health care delivery and patient outcomes.
Furthermore, billing processes for client visits will be streamlined and
automated through the platforms automated reporting feature.

InNote, Innovaccers point-of-care technology, the company will provide
its companies with a complete view of their patients health care journey right at
the minute of care. This will allow DHMSO and its health care teams to focus on
closing the care and coding spaces in real-time to deliver quality results with
high effectiveness.

< Transform Network Health Data Into Actionable Insights Dignity Health Management Services ( DHMSO), a healthcare management business part of CommonSpirit Health, that helps companies and payers deliver much better medical results through ingenious tools and technology is partnering with Innovaccer. As part of the collaboration, DHMSO will utilize Innovaccers FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform and built-in services to boost its care management method while engaging their network companies and payers in real-time. -- Dignity Health Management Services (DHMSO), the largest health system in the state of California to change their network health information into actionable insights. " At Dignity Health Management Services, we believe in keeping our patients delighted, healthy, and entire every day. It is our objective to satisfy the physical, psychological, and spiritual requirements of every patient. This collaboration with Innovaccer will reinforce our technique towards attaining this objective. Innovaccers FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform will help us as we work towards improvements in our care delivery, and will be a fantastic addition to our technique," says Dr. Soham Shah, Medical Director of Clinical Informatics & & Quality Management, Dignity Health Management Services. DHMSO will incorporate its scientific and financial information from multiple sources on Innovaccers FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform. When the information is incorporated on the platform, the organization will power several care processes. This platform supports vital FHIR API resources and resolves many data-exchange obstacles for payers and service providers. DHMSO will have the advantage of real-time data sharing and true interoperability with the platform.