30 Unsolved Mysteries From The Early Days Of The Internet

A few individuals from
Ask Reddit are still questioning unsolved mysteries from the early days of the web.

1. I remember that very weird video of a young person with longish hair and an extremely distinct method of speaking (I believe it was a combination of accent and speech impediment) speaking about serious robbing and how to prep the remains for sale. I remember specifically him going into terrific information into how to properly clean up out the skulls so they wouldnt rattle when you shook them. No one ever created an identity, location, or even a strong response for who was purchasing the human remains or why.

Anyhow, I have not had the ability to stop believing about it for a long period of time, because in 2015 a male where I live was detained for doing the exact same thing. He was digging up graves, taking the remains, and methodically cleaning them for sale. Sale to who ?? For what reason?? It actually drives me outrageous.

2. A girl went missing or was killed in a specific location and as time passes, on Youtube an old white guy entitled the anniversary of that ladys disappearance/death with the area looks into the camera and is just chuckling enormous for rather a while prior to the video ends with him smiling.

Another one was (once again 4Chan) a thinking name of a missing out on person and supplied a freebie which when thought correctly lead to the co-ordinates of where the body was buried.

4. Death of Philip Taylor Kramer, the bass guitar player for Iron Butterfly who ended up being a computer system engineer. He was stated to have actually been working on data compression techniques and might have been assassinated, but his death was ruled a suicide.

The whole story (and household) are strange. It made the rounds as a favorite early web conspiracy and after that … simply vanished.

5. What about the guy that attempted to check his new gas mask and made chlorine gas, and it was soaked up into his skin, and he stopped publishing updates.

The irony is that he went missing out on after giving a tutorial on how to utilize a compass and not get lost.

I probably found it through Stileproject.com. I tried to reveal a pal what I had actually discovered a couple of weeks later on and the website had been removed with a basic message remaining, “How to be a serial killer has been removed. I d like to understand what the hell motivated someone to develop such a website and why did they choose to eliminate it.

There was a truly old youtube video tutorial of this American hiker explaining how to utilize a compass while on top of some mountain. At the end of the video, hes like okay time to trek back down and he states, “Now that you people understand how to use one, do not get lost out there,” and you see him walk downhill and the video cuts.

Well, it turns out that was the last video he made and he in fact was never ever seen again. I have no idea whether he uploaded it live or returned home, published it, and after that went missing out on.

8. The identity of Shiloh Dynasty and whether theyre still alive. They just randomly appeared on the internet with a few clips of them singing published to their vine and their Ig. And these clips have been tested multiple times to make hit songs by different manufacturers and most especially from XXXtentacions album. Yet it is unknown who Shiloh is, whether male or woman, alive or dead.

There was this one billboard advertising this number and when you called, it was a voice that stated unusual things in a pattern. If you look you might most likely find a site, even a subreddit.

10. There used to be a big conspiracy theory that Walt Disneys head was frozen in ice. Whenever you browsed the keywords “Disney” “Frozen”, theories would reveal up. By “coincidence” Disney makes the motion picture Frozen and you can not browse up those keywords anymore without being blocked by the movie.

11. The man who discovered a nazi underground bunker in his garden. Kept publishing updates on how he was digging towards it and finding odd stuff, up until the day prior to he was due to enter it. If I keep in mind correctly …

12, absolutely nothing after that. I keep in mind watching a video of a man exploring the catacombs and out of nowhere he simply begins and drops the electronic camera to run.

13. Cicada 3301 a series of puzzles put out by a confidential source that has been stuck at a roadblock for a couple of years now. The existing puzzle is called the Liber Primus and is 58 pages of Nordic runes, only 2 have been translated in the past 6 years or two.

This guy was a Smurfs fan with pedophiliac and sadistic dispositions. He went to an online forum for the fans of the cartoon and made a long story that was pretty much simply graphic abuse porn including Smurf babies. Its so horrific (and still up on the forum) that most people reading it wonder just what the hell this person has actually done since.

No one understands where he is or what he now does for a living. If you dont know what the mystery is about, its about a tune that is noticeable to the public, however no one knows who made the tune, no one even understands the title of the tune, this search started in 2007, however wasnt big till 2019 I think.

16. Back in 1993, there was a page that had the complete procedure of developing ecstasy. Should have been composed by a scientist, since it was highly detailed.

17. In the early days of the web, there was a site which supposed to show a huge submarine base being integrated in the middle of the Amazon– it was documented through a series of photos established from a cam that had been found in the jungle. The theory was that the cam had been thrown from an airplane that had actually flown over the base simply prior to being shot down.

Was pretty intriguing thats for sure. The sub looked substantial and the images of it rather genuine …

The conjecture was that the elite of the world knew something about coming catastrophic floods that would cover the planet therefore had constructed themselves an escape submarine– an Ark– out there in the sticks.

Attempt as I might I merely can not discover any trace of this website anymore, it has actually vanished and even the Internet Archive has no recommendation to it.

I saw this site in the very, really early days of the web … it was one of the couple of websites to go to with the brand-new web browsers of the time.

This is NOT a drug submarine base, but rather something else entirely– it was in the MIDDLE of the Brazilian Amazon, far from any body of water, and the submarine itself was GIANT.

18. The lady who believed the government or somebody was listening to her and spying on her in South Korea I believe, that they were attempting to control her I believe too, and web cams were set up and you might see her sleeping or on her computer. And her door would be barricaded most of the time and there were handwritten indications all over the place.

They were with some pals bike riding I believe and they unintentionally saw as this kid fell off the mountain and died. They informed nobody but the posted about it on Reddit someplace. Somebody replied with a question asking about the name of the kid who passed away as it appeared truly similar to another story.

I lost the bookmark to the link for the webcams years back. I still wonder and think if she is okay and if the cameras are still running.

20. Did Hugh Hefner actually have a secret collection of sex videos of celebrities from his parties which his boys and lawyers provided back to them after Hugh passed away? And did they actually discover plans for tunnels to be developed to James Caans, Beattys, and Nicholsons home … because that is some crazy sex addiction things when your thinking about structure tunnels.

21. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto; inventor of Bitcoin? He vanished soon after its release and has never ever been become aware of once again. He still has a $10 billion worth that is just sitting there untouched.

22. What about that guy thats seen sprinting out of an airport with none of his baggage then is never ever seen once again?

23. Throughout the golden era of the internet, I remained in my early teenagers, I would type random URL addresses to see where it took me. One time I typed WWW.Hell.com

It was an extremely strange web site that eventually fucked up my shitty Packard Bell computer so badly that it was ineffective. I wonder who made that web website.

24. There was a simple Geocities type page with a blog site about a man who d found a cavern underneath his house and was exploring it. It was the earliest kind of creepypasta I d encountered– most likely 2002-3. Keep in mind actually fascinated by it and wondered if it was genuine.

25. There was a blog writer named Rance in the early 2000s who was rumored to be a celebrity since his posts included a lot of information about other superstars. At the time I believe some individuals believed it was George Clooney, however whoever it was abruptly stopped publishing.

26. One I keep in mind is something along the lines of cutoffmyfeet.com. I dont think its still up, however the essence of it was that a mans feet were paralyzed and he desired to cut them off so he could get prosthetics. I dont keep in mind much, there are most likely much better explanations out there.

Essentially, a user on Reddit posted about a farming simulation game, however, theres a twist where you eliminate your partner and have to cover it up. No one is able to discover it and some say the OP is misremembering information of the video game.

28. Lake City Quite Pills.

The mystery of Bruno Powroznik. One day all of an abrupt his channel and all its content disappeared and no one knows what really occurred to this day.

Website after a while was taken down and all that remains are screenshots of the original logs. Barely Sociable has a vid about the subject on YouTube which will do it much more justice than I have here but it is certainly the oldest thing I understand of.

The logs eventually discussed holding a service for the dude who died however offered weird requirements like not giving your genuine name to hotel staff, not being tailed, only American currency, and to stay low profile. Things like that. Individuals are a bit suspect of this and during the exact same night this “celebration” is implied to be occurring some mobster is eliminated near the location of it by hitmen.

Their good friend took over their Reddit account for a bit and let Reddit know. Eventually, individuals observed the user was connected to some site (I believe it was pornography or something) which in turn included message logs.

30. The man who went caving. He ends his blog with Ill let you understand what I find. And after that it simply ends. Google Teds caving and its the first result!

At the end of the video, hes like okay time to hike back down and he says, “Now that you guys know how to utilize one, do not get lost out there,” and you see him walk downhill and the video cuts. If you dont know what the mystery is about, its about a song that is noticeable to the public, however no one understands who made the song, no one even knows the title of the song, this search started in 2007, however wasnt huge till 2019 I think.

One day all of a sudden his channel and all its material vanished and no one understands what truly occurred to this day.

The lady who thought the government or someone was listening to her and spying on her in South Korea I think, that they were attempting to manage her I believe too, and cams were installed and you might view her sleeping or on her computer system. No one is able to discover it and some say the OP is misremembering information of the video game.