The Lie Each Zodiac Sign Believes That Is Hurting Their Chance At Love


You believe love is a sensation. You have to select to keep enjoying them even when its difficult.

You think jealousy is a sign somebody cares about you. Most of the time, jealousy is really a red flag.



You think you need to be ideal in order to be loved. You placed on an act instead of revealing your partners the real you. However the best person will see your flaws and still enjoy you. You should not need to hide anything from them.




You think battles are a bad indication. Really, every couple fights. As long as youre dealing with each other respectfully, its excellent for you to get your feelings visible. Its good that you can talk to them.

You think every relationship is bound to end in flames. You believe letting somebody into your heart is going to end in discomfort. Not everybody is going to harm you. Some individuals in fact have great intents.


You believe you can just have a relationship or a profession. You can carve out the time to get close to somebody while still having enough time to chase after your dreams.


You believe in love at very first sight. You shouldnt compose somebody off, simply because you didnt feel butterflies the very first second you locked eyes.



Even if you were in love before, you can fall in love again.

You think theres only one individual in this world for you– but thats not true. You can have several soulmates throughout your lifetime. Even if you remained in love previously, you can fall in love again.

You believe you can change someones mind about you. However it doesnt matter what you do. It doesnt matter how difficult you attempt to convince them youre worth the effort. You cant force them to like you. You cant manage their heart.

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You believe you require to be best in order to be loved. You think in love at first sight. And as much as you want to pretend you dont require anyone, you would love to have someone around to kiss and cuddle.


You believe every relationship is going to end like your last relationship. However history does not need to duplicate itself. As long as you select the best person, you will not wind up reliving your past.

You believe love s all you require. Truly, you require so much more than that. You require respect. You require open interaction. You require a strong friendship. You need to like each other, not simply enjoy each other.


You believe love is a sensation.

You think youre much better off on your own. And as much as you desire to pretend you do not require anybody, you would love to have someone around to kiss and cuddle.