Why Each Zodiac Sign Will Pull Away, Even When They Like You

They do not want to get attached to someone. They love being independent– and want to stay that method.

When it comes to enjoy, theyre mindful. They do not wish to move too rapidly and end up in a bad situation.


Theyre trying to protect their heart. They do not wish to get hurt by you.




Theyre frightened of just how much they appreciate you. Theyre scared to let you in..

They feel like theyre completely fine by themselves. They dont need the tension a relationship brings.



They dislike change. The thought of getting into a relationship scares them since they like the method things are now.

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Theyve had bad experiences in the past. Theyre worried history will duplicate itself.


They recognize how flawed they are. Theyre stressed theyre going to harm you..

They draw at reading signals. They have no concept youre interested and are fretted about being declined.

Theyre in rejection about how much they like you. They are too stubborn to see the truth.



Theyre stressed they arent sufficient for you. Theyre walking away to save you the problem.

They do not desire to be tied down. They want to keep their options open.