Roche, Regeneron partner on experimental COVID-19 drug

Initial research study results for the drug are expected by September, and Regeneron might seek approval for it by the end of the year, The Wall Street Journal reported..

Regeneron said it made the offer with Roche since it doesnt anticipate to be able to make enough of the drug on its own to fulfill international demand..

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The two business plan to produce 650,000 to 2 million doses of the drug each year, the Journal reported.

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Roche has consented to assist its rival Regeneron manufacture and disperse an experimental COVID-19 drug being established by Regeneron..

The drug, REGN-COV2, is an antibody developed to deal with patients ill with COVID-19 and to temporarily avoid brand-new infections in people at high risk of catching the infection..

Under the regards to the partnership, Regeneron is responsible for dispersing the drug in the U.S., and Roche is responsible for global distribution and regulatory approvals. The U.S. cost of the drug will be set by Regeneron, and the international cost will be set by Roche..

The collaboration might more than triple supplies of the drug if it receives approval from the FDA..

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Maia Anderson –
Wednesday, August 19th, 2020