7 Ways to Create a Stunning Financial Report

Microsoft PowerPoint is among the very best tools for creating financial reports. It supplies all the fundamental features like transitions, images, animations, graphs, and so far more. You can download the discussion for offline viewing or embed it on a site to share with others.

As a monetary report gives a view of the monetary situation and efficiency of the company, it is a basis for stakeholders in choosing if they must stop or continue working with the business. The typical stakeholders that require a financial report are banks, capital financial investments, company managers, suppliers, tax authorities, and more.

A financial report is a composed report that communicates the monetary situation of a business at an offered time. It includes an earnings statement, balance sheet, capital statement, and modifications to owners equity.

Here, we will show you methods to produce a stunning monetary report with Microsoft PowerPoint

1Move information to MS PowerPoint

You may wish to consider Excel for preparing your reports and for the transfer of information to MS PowerPoint for presentations.
PowerPoint likewise allows you to do the very same thing by utilizing tables. It depends on which one you find easier to use.
How to move data from MS Excel to MS PowerPoint.
Technique 1
Action 1: Go to MS Excel and highlight the information you want to place into PowerPoint. Click the Copy button from the clipboard.

Action 3: Choose the Display as icon and press ok.
Now, youll see an icon from your slides. Youll see your data from Excel has actually transferred when you double-click that.

Action 2: Open PowerPoint, then right-click to choose how you want to paste it. We picked to keep source format.
Technique 2
Here is another way to insert information into MS PowerPoint.
Step 1: From MS PowerPoint, go to the insert menu and pick the Object button.
Step 2: From the Insert dialogue box, you can browse for a specific Excel spreadsheet file and you can place that into your discussion slide.

When preparing a financial report, MS Excel is the most easy to use tool to use. It permits you to produce calculations, produce charts, construct pivot tables, and more.

2Use charts

Action 1: In MS PowerPoint, choose charts from the insert menu.
Action 2: Choose the chart design you like and press ok. For this illustration, we selected the clustered column.
Action 3: PowerPoint will show a default Excel sheet window in the slide. Go to MS Excel and copy the information you wish to paste and overwrite in the Excel Sheet from PowerPoint. Merely close the window when youre done.
Step 4: Tap the chart and choose the chart design icon on its left side. From the dialogue window, choose the style and color for your chart. For this illustration, we chose the dark background design and the color palette 2.

Charts are a perfect method to present information in PowerPoint. A chart reveals your audience what the essential data is and why. In addition, it includes visual interest to the slides which would otherwise be filled with text.
How to develop a chart using data from Excel

3Embed multimedia

If you desire to include variety to a text-only discussion, add a multimedia file. It will make your discussion more intriguing to your audience. Plus, it helps visual learners comprehend your content much better.

How to embed a multimedia file in MS PowerPoint
Action 1: Go to place and pick the type of media file you wish to include to your slides. For example, an image, video, and noise. In this illustration, we chose a video.
Step 2: You will see a drop-down menu that asks where you desire to obtain your video. We selected a video from our PC. From here, you can adjust the video size, arrangement, and designs if you like.
Aside from multimedia, you can likewise place PDF files that will be necessary in your monetary report. Theres a complimentary online PDF editor that can automatically and rapidly create PDF files. And whats excellent is that there are lots of available templates you can pick to match your discussion.

4Build SmartArt graphics

How to develop SmartArt graphics in MS PowerPoint
Action 1: Tap the slide you desire to include a SmartArt Select SmartArt from the insert menu. You should see a list of graphics and categories to pick from. Choose the one you like and press OK.
Action 2: Add elements like text, style, and layout to your SmartArt.

Instead of using just texts, try graphics. There are lots of different styles which you can utilize to communicate your concepts.

5Use animations and shifts

How to add animations to MS PowerPoint
Action 1: Select an item and after that tap animations. Select the impact you desire to include to your things. For this illustration, we selected random bars for our title text.
A number will appear beside the things to show that you included an animation result.
How to include shifts to MS PowerPoint
Step 1: Select the slide you wish to add as a shift. Go to transitions and pick the impact you like. We selected a clean shift for our slide.

A grey star will appear next to the slide that has an animation impact.

Animations are visual results that you contribute to text or things in a PowerPoint presentation whereas shifts are visual effects that occur when you move from one slide to the next.
Transitions and animations make your presentation appearance enticing and sophisticated to your audience. Your presentation increases above what might have been more mundane and truly stands out when you include these components to your slides.

6Choose a suitable font design

If you think a PowerPoint font style is no big offer, believe once again. When producing Powerpoint presentations, believe of your viewers. It is an essential element in any PowerPoint discussion.
You need to pick a font style that is suitable to the presentation you are making and to whomever you exist it to. It should be clear and huge enough to see.
Viewers of financial declarations are entrepreneur, executives, financiers, and managers; the font design utilized should be more corporate and less cartoonish. There are many offered typeface styles in PowerPoint available. Attempt out the style first and find what works best for your discussion.

7Add a template

The great thing about PowerPoint presentations is that you can design each slide to offer it a little additional something. There are heaps of readily available free PowerPoint templates for you to choose from.

Financial Report PowerPoint Presentation Tips You Should Follow

1. Less is more
In any PowerPoint presentation, you need to follow one rule: less is more. Do not go overboard with the effects, styles, and animations. Prevent this as it takes the focus off of your real points. Keep it simple, add effects, and animations just to highlight essential points. Templates are recommended as it brings uniformity to the slides.
2. Use contrasting colors for text and background
With financial reports, numbers are very essential. The figures in every monetary declaration ought to be noticeable.

3. Prevent making use of flashy transitions
PowerPoint discussions on Financial Reports are not the setting for magic techniques. Their focus is on the meaning of the material in the report.
4. Usage great quality images
Make sure they are of top quality if your report needs images. It shouldnt be fuzzy or pixelated. There are many websites where you can get high-quality images. Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay to call a few.
Financial declarations are essential reports that reveal the entitys financial activities and how a business is doing. It provides all the essential financial information that is a basis for owners and stakeholders to make decisions. Creating a PowerPoint presentation is an exceptional tool for professionally conveying important info at an entire brand-new level.

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Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the finest tools for producing monetary reports. When creating Powerpoint discussions, think of your audiences. The good thing about PowerPoint discussions is that you can create each slide to provide it a little extra something. PowerPoint discussions on Financial Reports are not the setting for magic techniques. Creating a PowerPoint discussion is an excellent tool for professionally conveying crucial info at an entire new level.