Former KKR Vet Jim Momtazee Launches Healthcare Investment Firm, Patient Square Capital

Jim Momtazee,
Handling Partner at Client Square CapitalWhat You Need To Know:

— Former KKR veteran Jim Momtazee revealed the launch of
Patient Square Capital, a partnership being purpose-built to end up being the
preeminent financial investment firm in healthcare..

Jim Momtazee Background.

— Prior to Patient Square, he spent over 21 years.
at KKR, at first taking part 1996. He helped establish the firms health.
care industry group in 2001 and subsequently was Head of the Americas Heath.
Care Team for over 10 years.

Personal equity veteran Jim Momtazee, today revealed the.
development of health care financial investment company, Patient Square Capital. Patient.
Square will partner with best-in-class management groups whose products,.
services, and innovations improve health. The Patient Square team has a shared.
vision to produce a financial investment company capable of managing big pools of capital.
and with the knowledge to satisfy the important and significant requirements of the health.
care world..

Mr. Momtazee is joined by Maria Walker, Partner & & Chief.
Financial Officer of Patient Square. Ms. Walker has comprehensive experience.
throughout private equity and health care, consisting of 17 years at KPMG where she.
served as a senior partner and an international lead in its private equity.

Maria Walker to Serve as CFO.

< Among the significant health care investments made throughout Mr. Momtazees period at KKR was Jazz Pharmaceuticals (2004 ); HCA (2006 ),. a $33 billion transaction which at the time was the largest money buyout in. history; PRA Health Sciences (2013 ); and BridgeBio Pharma (2016 ). Mr. Momtazee. currently serves on the Boards of Directors of BridgeBio, PRA Health Sciences. ( lead independent director), and the Medical Device Manufacturers Association. He previously served on the Boards of Directors of Ajax Health, Alliance. Imaging, Arbor Pharmaceuticals, BrightSpring Health Services, Covenant Surgical. Partners, EchoNous, Entellus Medical, Envision Healthcare, Global Medical. Action, HCA, Heartland Dental, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Lake Region Medical, and. Spirox. Patient Square Capital Investment Focus. Mr. Momtazee is the Managing Partner of Patient. Square. He is a 21-year veteran of KKR, where he assisted form its. Health Care Industry Group in 2001 and subsequently led the group for over 10. years. Client Square plans to build a distinct and diverse. partnership with deep health care experience and a shared commitment to build a. world-class financial investment firm. Patient Square will look for chances to. invest broadly throughout the health care market, consisting of technology-enabled. services, biopharmaceuticals, the pharmaceutical value chain, medical gadgets,. diagnostics, providers, digital health. and customer health. In that function, he managed a group of over 20 devoted health. care specialists supervising 5 different health-care-related investment. methods including private and development equity. He belonged to the. Americas Private Equity Investment Committee beginning in 2013 and was Chairman. of both the Health Care Strategic Growth and Health Care Royalty & & Income. Investment Committees.. -- Patient Square will partner with best-in-class. management groups whose technologies, services, and items improve. health..