Maryland nursing home residents on dialysis 47% more likely to have COVID-19, study finds

Five crucial findings:.

An examination at a Maryland nursing home recognized 47 percent of dialysis homeowners checking favorable for COVID-19, compared to 16 percent amongst those not receiving dialysis, according to the CDCs Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report published Aug. 11.

Gabrielle Masson –
Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

In April, a COVID-19 outbreak took place at a 200-bed Maryland retirement home that likewise has actually an independently run dialysis center on site. On April 20, 47 symptomatic locals and 10 symptomatic employee were tested, with 11 homeowners and three staff members checking positive. On April 30, a Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins response team supplied COVID-19 testing for 152 locals who had not checked favorable within the previous 48 hours..

1. In between April 20 and April 30, 1 in 5 locals at the retirement home checked favorable for COVID-19.

2. Eighteen COVID-19 clients (72 percent) tested April 30 were asymptomatic.

3. Since April 30, 15 of 32 (47 percent) residents receiving dialysis had favorable test outcomes, compared to 22 of 138 (16 percent) not receiving dialysis..

4. Among COVID-19 clients, those receiving dialysis were regularly hospitalized within 30 days of receiving a positive test result (53 percent) compared to those not receiving dialysis (18 percent).

5. Amongst citizens with COVID-19, 40 percent of residents receiving dialysis and 27 percent of homeowners not getting dialysis died within 30 days of medical diagnosis.

The CDC advises assisted living home consider positioning residents getting dialysis in single rooms near the dialysis center with increased monitoring given the greater risk.

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In April, a COVID-19 outbreak occurred at a 200-bed Maryland nursing house that likewise has actually a separately run dialysis center on website. On April 20, 47 symptomatic homeowners and 10 symptomatic personnel members were tested, with 11 citizens and three workers checking positive. © Copyright ASC COMMUNICATIONS 2020. Intrigued in LINKING to or REPRINTING this content?