Allergy Amulet Nabs $3.3M To Launch World’s Smallest, Fastest Consumer Food Allergen Sensor

What You Need to Know:

For customers, screening for food irritants is made possible.
in 4 easy steps:.

Allergy Amulet, a Madison, WI-based business empowering the.
food allergic reaction neighborhood by alleviating worries about whats in their food, today.
reveals $3.3 million in seed financing led by TitletownTech, a joint endeavor between Microsoft and the.
Green Bay Packers.

Allergic reaction Amulet is slated for pre-sales Fall of 2020 and.
launch Fall of 2021.

Individuals with food allergies: It makes screening for food allergens.
easy, giving people additional guarantees that their food is safe..


How It Works.

The Team.

Companies: It offers dining establishment owners, schools, child care.
providers, summer season camps, and hotels the power of extra safety measure to conserve them.
money, worry, and time..

Growth Plans.

— Allergy Amulets novel innovation can improve the
quality of life for the countless individuals coping with food allergic reactions or
intolerances by screening for common allergenic components in seconds. The portable
device is made to fit every lifestyle– its little enough to fit on a.
keychain, a necklace, or in a pocket..

Parents with children who have food allergies: It offers.
moms and dads another tool to manage their kidss allergies, and assists kids.
live a typical childhood, preserve independence, and securely go to slumber parties.
and birthday parties (or simply school) with friends..

Fast + basic Detection.

The company holds one released U.S. patent with numerous.
applications, and its waitlist has thousands of people registered to.
participate in an early beta release, set up to kickoff later this.

This infusion of brand-new capital will be utilized to manufacture beta units, assistance to introduce pre-orders, broaden product offerings to cover more allergens, grow the businesss first-rate team, add extra restaurant and company partners to its lineup, and educate customers on the advantages of extra food irritant management tools. In addition to Titletown, its seed financing includes involvement from Great North Labs, Colle Capital, Great Oaks VC, DeepWork Capital, Dipalo Ventures, and Bulldog Innovation Group.

Allergy Amulet helps:.

Action 2: A chip slides out from the test strip and is.
placed into the reader..

Food allergic reactions affect 32 million Americans and between 220.
to 520 million people worldwide– thats one in 13 children and one in 10 grownups.
They can be deadly, even after consuming just trace amounts of a recognized irritant.
The business has established the worlds smallest and fastest consumer food allergen.
sensing unit, which can testing foods for typical allergenic components in.
seconds. The trademarked innovation fits on a keychain, a pendant, a wristband,.
or in a pocket, and doubles as a medical alert system, making it easier and.
much safer to manage food allergies and intolerances..

Step 4: Optional: shop test results in the mobile.
app, link and share results with the food allergy neighborhood, or hold down a.
button on the reader to inform your emergency situation contacts.

— Today, Allergy Amulet announces $3.3 M in seed funding
to introduce the worlds tiniest and fastest consumer food allergen sensor and
empower the allergy community by reducing fears about whats in their food.

The Allergy Amulet team has deep connections to the.
communities they serve– Barnes has managed life-threatening food allergic reactions.
since youth, and experienced a near-fatal anaphylactic event as a teen.
After satisfying her Co-founder and Scientific Advisor, Dr. Joseph BelBruno, a.
Dartmouth chemistry professor emeritus with lethal food allergic reactions,.
the 2 worked to make Allergy Amulet a reality..

Step 1: Users gather a sample of the food with.
the test strip, and turn the top of the tester to grind the sample.

The Allergy Amulet is a fast and portable food irritant and.
active ingredient sensing unit, developed to fit every lifestyle. Its first-of-its-kind.
detection platform sets molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) technology with a.
conductive electrochemical platform to detect target allergenic active ingredients.
The Amulet consists of 2 parts: a USB-sized reader (the “Amulet”) and a test.
strip that houses the proprietary sensing unit chips. The case likewise accommodates.
epinephrine and antihistamines, giving users a total allergy care management.

” The existing standard of care– preventing specific foods,.
injecting epinephrine to treat reactions, and visiting the emergency situation space–.
can take a serious psychological, financial, and physical toll on individuals,.
caretakers, and households,” said Abigail Barnes, Co-founder and CEO of Allergy Amulet.
” Our hope is to help people more safely participate in the activities that.
bring them pleasure, whether that implies going to a restaurant with friends and.
household or consuming a cupcake at a party.”.

— Every 3 minutes, a food allergy sends somebody to the.
ER. For the 32 million Americans and between 220-520 million individuals globally.
who live with food allergies, the potentially fatal illness is a consistent.

Step 3: Test results appear on the reader within.
seconds, showing the presence or lack of the target allergen..

Every 3 Minutes, a Food Allergy Sends Someone to the ER.