30 People Reveal The Hilariously Embarrassing Texts That Popped Up While Showing Someone Else Their Phone

1. While my buddy was using my phone, my mommy texted me, “Remember not to make love with Thomas, he has chlamydia.”

2. I was planning Halloween outfits with a good friend one year and we chose to do the Breaking Bad guys. At work, with my phone face up I was with some coworkers and got an alert that read, “I discovered the little baggies for the meth.” Right away stopped alerts permanently and ever amen.

3. I was the sender once when I texted my pal who was preparing to break up with her sweetheart, “Hope youre okay, how did Gary take the break up?” When Gary was utilizing her phone and had not yet been broken up with. Sorry Gary.

4. Not my alert but I sent out to my best girl pal: “Youre right, future hubbys papa is weird. And a little racist.” And her future other half saw the text. Luckily he chuckled and agreed with me. However I was so ashamed that he saw it.

5. Chatting to a person in a bar, handed him my phone so he might type his number in. At that moment a message appears from my buddy sat several tables away saying, “Shag him.”

6. My auntie was like, “Hey, is that the new Samsung, can I see it?” I state, “Sure,” and after that I got a text from my girlfriend: “Good news! I had my duration!”

7. I was showing my grandmother some images. She laughed a bit and rapidly handed me back my phone. I looked at it and saw that my boyfriend (now spouse) had texted me saying, “I dislike it when Im pooping and my penis touches the water. Big cock issues.” We laughed about it, but my hubby is still horrified by the idea of my grandma understanding about his “huge penis problems.”

8. Imagine my conservative 15 yr old little bros face when my partner texted, “Ill damage your pussy,” while we were seeing some silly goat on YouTube.

9. “Gon na fuck your ass so hard tonight, love << 3" Sorry for you having to see that, mother. 10. Border patrol had my phone and my buddy sent me a text in which he jokingly said something like, "What makes you believe theyll let you in this time?" or something like that. 11. I was talking with a person and it was working out, absolutely nothing sexual possibly moderate flirting. I didnt care when I gave my pal my phone for some factor. Throughout the room he shouts, "YO THIS DUDE JUST ASKED IF YOU D BE DOWN FOR ANAL!" 12. "Good news, the bump is not yours. Problem, you might have herpes." From a former FWB I had actually faced earlier in the day, while my girlfriend at the time had my phone. 13. Revealing my aunt a pic when a text stating, "I d fuck the shit out of gatling gun Kelly" appeared. We both pretended we didnt see it and rapidly began talking about something else. 14. My crush was holding my phone at lunch playing Minecraft. My friends at another table texted me and stated, "I bet you have a BONER." A man I sext sent some emojis, while my papa was trying to repair my phone ... Didnt go too well ... 16. Never ever got a phone faster. "Im gon na shit on your chest" whilst my mum had my phone. My good friend texting me, "Ill consume ur ass," while I was showing my mama a meme ... never swiped away a notification so quickly in my life. 19. This actually happened just recently, I provided my dad my phone to call my mama because his phone was dead, and my sweetheart sent me a text that said something along the lines of, "Hey, do you wan na have some fun at my house tonight?" My papa LOST it laughing. Left my phone on the cooking area table and went to pee. I was confused when I came back in the kitchen and my moms and dads were laughing. Thanks Iphone. 21. Story apps can offer actually intriguing ones. Naturally all he did was pull the fall menu to see the full alert and laugh. My favorite that appeared while my sweetheart was holding my phone was something like, "Mike misses you! Return and play!" Or something like that. He teased me about it for hours. 22. My boyfriend and I send each other shit randomly throughout the day like "FedEx me that pecker" or "flap them tits my method." I was showing my mom something on my phone as soon as and he sends, "Gon na slap you with my dick tonight." As my GF held the phone ... 24. My buddy sent out a poop photo while my then girlfriend was checking the weather for us one early morning. 25. My buddy made this phony account on Twitter and followed me precisely at the time my teacher had actually taken my phone away. The notification checked out @analfister6969 has followed you. 26. My SIL was staying with me for a week, which I wasnt stired about. My sister knew about it and messaged me, "How are you handling (SILs name)? Do you need to pretend to have a nap once again lol?" I swiped it real quick and I do not think he got an excellent look at it but I was still worried he d think I was some child-obsessed weirdo who timed my dates so random Tinder people could impregnate me. I switched off ovulation notifications after that. Things were going well, we were flirting and having a laugh. After about an hour I took out my phone to reveal him a funny meme and up popped a notice from my new duration tracking app stating, "Todays the day! My SIL was obtaining my tablet at the time and saw the notice pop up. She hasnt remained with us because. 28. Years ago I was working at an Apple store as a Genius (professional) and was helping an older woman with her phone. This woman needed to be in her late 60s early 70s, as sweet as could be, and was having some minor problems with her phone, I think it was battery life or something. She hands me her phone, and simply as she does a message pops up with an image of a toilet full of shit and the message reads, "How lots of times do I have to inform you to flush the fucking toilet?!". Not knowing actually what to do I simply hand it back to her and inform her she has a message. She takes the phone, half smiles, closes the message and hands it back stating, "Sorry about that sweetheart, my child can be a little bit of a bitch.". 29. Was showing my mum some cake concepts for my other halfs 30th that I was considering. My better half text me and my mum (for unidentified factors) got a complete view of my partners poon with the caption: "Guess what youre eating for dessert tonight?". I attempted to get my phone back, and my mum went back to browsing cakes without skipping a beat. As I was leaving my mum believed it would be amusing to ask, "Would you like 2nd dessert tonight, due to the fact that I have a trifle in the refrigerator?". I almost died of embarassment. 30. Tiddy picture. While my mama was holding my phone. A guy I sext sent some emojis, while my daddy was trying to fix my phone ... Didnt go too well ... 16. My preferred that popped up while my sweetheart was holding my phone was something like, "Mike misses you! I was revealing my mommy something on my phone once and he sends out, "Gon na slap you with my penis tonight." My friend made this fake account on Twitter and followed me precisely at the time my teacher had taken my phone away. After about an hour I took out my phone to show him a funny meme and up popped an alert from my brand-new duration tracking app saying, "Todays the day!