Why Each Zodiac Struggles To Express Their Feelings


Youre concerned your feelings will make you appear weak– and you do not want anybody to believe they can take advantage of you.


Youre concerned somebody will use your feelings against you in the future– and you dont want them to have ammo to hurt you.


You arent in touch with your feelings. Because you do not even understand how youre feeling yourself, you cant express how youre feeling.


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Since you dont want to be a problem to your liked ones, you hesitate to reveal your emotions. You do not want them to fret about you, so you pretend youre perfectly great.


You need to trust someone completely in order to open to them. And regrettably, there arent lots of people you can trust around.


You feel like no one else might perhaps comprehend what youre experiencing. You feel like they would not get it, so speaking to them might make you feel even worse.

You have so lots of feelings that you dont understand where to begin. You dont understand how to put a lot emotion into words..



Youre obsessed with the idea of other individuals liking you. You dont like to show any emotion other than joy since youre anxious people will consider you tough or dramatic.


You do not wish to wind up saying something you are sorry for. You do not wish to state words that you can never take back.

You do not let yourself think about your emotions, let alone speak about them. You repress your sensations until you snap.


Youve found out to rely on yourself– and to not rely on any person else. When you can handle your shit on your own, you do not see the point in expressing your emotions to others.



You tend to range from your unfavorable sensations and sidetrack yourself from them. Stating how you feel out loud would make them too genuine..