Talis Awarded $25M NIH Contract for Point-of-Care COVID-19 Testing

What You Need to Know:

NIH Support.

— The Talis One System is a fast, user friendly, option.
that brings screening out of the laboratory and to the point of care. The technology.
supplies health care specialists with an entire scientific lab in the palm of.
their hand and is planned for use in non-laboratory settings, such as.
physicians offices, immediate care clinics, older care/assisted living.
facilities, cancer treatment and dialysis centers, and possibly the.

Today, patients are.
often required to endure days of waiting for lab results. As a result, physicians may initiate unneeded.
isolation or empirical treatment based on insufficient details. This technique.
is expensive and can be hazardous to clients. With COVID-19 cases.
growing in many areas across the nation, there is a remarkable need for.
access to testing, especially in susceptible populations where the spread of.
COVID-19 infection can be devastating. The Talis One System is a molecular diagnostic.
platform established to enable quick, extremely precise point-of-care screening for.
transmittable diseases such as COVID-19.

Talis Biomedical Corporation,.
a business devoted to establishing high-performance point-of-care diagnostic.
tests for infectious diseases, today revealed that it has actually protected a $ 25.
million contract from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for Phase 2.
of its Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) initiative. Furthermore, the.
company has actually completed an extra funding of $ 100 million to scale.
producing for the launch of the Talis One ™ diagnostic platform, which.
provides highly precise and quick detection of COVID-19 at the.

Talis One COVID-19 Assays.

” We are very proud that the NIH selected Talis,.
out of a field of 600 applicants, to be amongst the first strings to relocate to the.
last stage of the RADx effort. This essential funding will accelerate the.
commercialization of our Talis One System for the detection of COVID-19.
In addition, we are pleased to have the continued assistance of our investors,.
who share our excitement about the considerable effect the Talis One System can.
provide as a trusted and quick diagnostic testing platform for life-threatening.
and life-altering transmittable diseases,” stated Brian Coe, Co-Founder and.
Ceo of Talis.

The Talis One assays are based on a proprietary, highly.
optimized nucleic acid isothermal amplification chemistry to accomplish.
extraordinary test efficiency much faster than standard PCR. The system is.
designed for use in non-laboratory settings, such as doctors offices,.
urgent care clinics, senior care/assisted living facilities, cancer treatment.
and dialysis centers, and possibly the workplace.

— Today, Talis Biomedical Corporation announced it has
been granted a $25M contract from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as
part of Phase 2 of its Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) initiative as
well as another $100 million in extra funding.

Accurate Point of Care COVID-19 Testing.

COVID-19 is the first contagious illness that the Talis One.
System will support. Future transmittable illness signs may include assays.
for other breathing infections, such as influenza, as well as sexually.
transmitted infections (STIs) and other infections impacting womens health.
The Talis One instrument can be handled remotely and sends out test results to a.
cloud database for protected transmission, storage and evaluation. Results are.
available in 30 minutes or less.

” In action to the considerable need for quick, highly.
accurate screening solutions to help fight the pandemic, we had the ability to utilize.
our Talis One System, which we have actually been developing for clinical usage in femaless.
health, to quickly develop an assay for SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that.
causes COVID-19. We are particularly concentrated on serving vulnerable populations,.
such as those in older care centers or clients with impaired immune.
systems. With the support of the NIH RADx program and profits from the new.
financing, we are positive that we will be able to accelerate our objective of.
making fast diagnostic testing commonly available,” included Coe.

The Talis One COVID-19 assay job is supported by the.
RADx program and has actually been moneyed in entire or in part with Federal funds from.
the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, National.
Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract.
No. 75N92020C00010.

— The new funding will be utilized to scale production for.
the launch of the Talis One ™ diagnostic platform that offers quick and highly.
precise detection of COVID-19 at points-of-care in 30 minutes or less.