Lurie Children’s to end cosmetic surgeries on intersex infants

For several years activists have called on health centers to prohibit permanent cosmetic gential surgery on intersex babies, arguing it rejects individauls the legal right to authorization to the procedure..

Medical facility leaders stated they would develop their policies going forward and wouldnt perform cosmetic genitial surgical treatments on kids unless they are clinically needed or a patient willfully permissions..

Ann & & Robert H. Lurie Childrens Hospital of Chicago said it will no longer carry out cosmetic surgical treatments on intersex infants unless it is clinically necessary.

” Historically, care for individuals with intersex qualities consisted of an emphasis on early genital surgical treatment to make genitalia appear more generally male or female. As the medical field has actually advanced, and understanding has grown, we now know this method was damaging and wrong.”.

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In a July 28 statement signed by Lurie Childrens President and CEO Thomas Shanley, MD, and three primary physicians, the medical facility stated, “We recognize the painful history and complex feelings associated with intersex surgical treatment and how, for several years, the medical field has failed these kids.”.

Morgan Haefner –
Friday, July 31st, 2020

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