New Disinfection Robot Can Destroy COVID-19 Virus in 2 Minutes

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Why It Matters.

Xenex Disinfection Services,.
the world leader in UV disinfection for health care facilities, announced the.
launch of StrikeForce, an.
innovative disinfection service that damages the unique COVID-19 virus.
in two minutes. For the first time, organizations can engage Xenexs group of.
ecological disinfection experts on a project basis to make use of Xenex LightStrike.
Germ-Zapping Robots to eliminate hazardous infections, bacteria and spores that.
remain on typically touched surface areas and pose a danger for illness transmission.

— Surfaces
infected with COVID-19 posture a serious threat to the safety of healthcare
workers, patients, frontline responders, military service members, cruise line
guests, hotel guests and residents all over.

LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots use a xenon light to create bursts of high strength, broad-spectrum (200-315nm) ultraviolet (UV) light thats more intense than sunlight. Various pathogens are prone to UVC light at different wavelengths. With broad-spectrum germicidal light, Xenex LightStrike robotics rapidly shut off infections, germs, and spores where they are most vulnerable without damaging materials or devices.

LightStrike Robot Destroys COVID-19 Virus in 2 Minutes.

— Xenex launches
StrikeForce, a new service offering LightStrike robots and disinfection specialists
to ruin the COVID-19 infection in facilities.

” The whole world is thinking of illness transmission as an outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic. We had various demands from companies who wanted us to bring robotics in and disinfect their facilities for them to help ensure that their environment was virus-free. In response to market need, we developed the StrikeForce service to enable companies to provide their personnel and customers comfort through innovative disinfection solutions with minimal downtime,” said Irene Hahn, vice president of sales for Xenex.

— Deactivating
the COVID-19 infection on surface areas is a vital and essential step to supplying a.
safe environment as organisations resume and individuals return to work.

How LightStrike Robot Works.

The LightStrike disinfection robot is shown to damage Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the infection that triggers COVID-19, in two minutes. Surface areas polluted with COVID-19 present a grave danger to the safety of healthcare workers, patients, frontline responders, military service members, cruise line passengers, hotel visitors, and citizens everywhere.

StrikeForce is currently limited to engagements in Texas.

Shutting off the COVID-19 virus on surfaces is a necessary and vital step to providing a safe environment as organisations resume and people return to work. Restaurants, automobile dealerships, hotels, office complex, fitness centers, and lots of other areas can benefit instantly from StrikeForce disinfection as the global pandemic shows the requirement for reliable and fast disinfection any place individuals work, play, or live.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to create chaos upon the.
world. As cities across Texas report a spike in the number of coronavirus.
cases, companies and organisations are looking for methods to fight the.
virus within their centers..