Mind Your Manners: 5 Essential Etiquette When Attending a Conference Call

But conference calls arent simply for occasional homesick conversations, they are also crucial elements for organisation operations.

With the effect of remote work changing the traditional office-work dynamics, increasingly more services are providing home-based positions that fit more with their workers schedules.

Teleconference can be a fun and interesting way to overtake pals and relatives from far. Getting in touch from throughout the world is ending up being more like a face-to-face conversation with video streaming technology and internet connection multiplying over the years.

Conference calls are becoming the norm for businesses, not simply in speaking to organisation partners, but also in communicating with company teams and departments. Therefore, keeping it expert is a must.

Keep these five conference call good manners in mind throughout ones next online meeting.

Schedule Appropriately

Requests can be excused depending on the intensity of the emergency situation.

Having the ability to deal with their terms is one of the modern state of minds that the new generation of employees have in obtaining a task. Conference calls resolve the concern of not having the ability to fulfill face to face, whether it be close by in the area or around the world.

Considering that different people deal with differing hours of work, its necessary to understand the availability of everybody in the call.

Its a common courtesy to let the other celebrations know of this in advance if a disturbance throughout the call will take place. The conference call must be the top priority if its not as pertinent and as immediate.

Introduce or Be Introduced in the Call

An excellent first impression can make the circulation of the discussion much easier later for everybody to resolve one another with comments and feedback.

An important part of every conference is knowing everybody around the table. Its vital to be clear in comprehending ones location in the teleconference, especially if its the very first time speaking with fellow workers.

Prepare the Tools for the Call

Hardware plays an important part in ones capability to deal with several tasks online. Without costs too much, one can take pleasure in a high-resolution visual experience. Just buy a refurbished gadget to handle numerous apps during a conference call, particularly for video calls.

Preparing notes, important organisation folders, and files; opening different tabs ahead, and having a copy of the program will make it much easier to follow the circulation of the conversation.

By enabling its user to browse through numerous windows and desktops, an employee does not run the risk of losing the circulation of the discussion throughout the call.

Multitasking is a daily need throughout audio or video calls. Since conference calls are online, an individual attending it needs to still have all the necessary tools set up during a live conference.

Open Up about Location

Not everybody has access to a desktop and laptop computer setup during online conferences. Ill-advised, people can accept conference calls on their phones for those who can not devote to having a steady house setup. But the advantages of movement in real-time can become an issue during the call.

Moving from place to place can be a cause for unnecessary sound and network interruptions, triggering a hold-up in the delivery of audio and video. Crossing the street or living near an ongoing construction task can cause unintentional distractions.

To prevent worrying or stunning the remainder of the individuals in the conference, its best to offer them a heads-up on ones current place, whether one picks to take a call through a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Summarize Individual Assignments

Among the cons of having a teleconference meeting is that the parties included can not see each other personally. The implications of not knowing what someone is doing on the opposite end of the line might cause miscommunications.

Just like any meeting, mentioning a strategy at the start and examining crucial points after whatever is said is vital for excellent memory recall.

At the end of the session, its essential to summarize everybodys takeaways and tasks to deal with any requirement for information.


Just like live conferences, conference call meetings have their ups and downs. It allows for higher liberty in ones own time, it also brings to the table various challenges that one should learn to deal with.

What doesnt alter during meetings online or offline is the value of being transparent, respectful, and expert during a session.

Professionalism, whether across the table or in front of a screen, is a trait that everyone should practice.

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Hardware plays an important part in ones ability to manage several jobs online. Just buy a reconditioned device to handle various apps during a conference call, specifically for video calls.

Not everyone has access to a desktop and laptop setup throughout online conferences. Inexpedient, individuals can accept conference calls on their phones for those who can not dedicate to having a stable home setup. The benefits of mobility in real-time can end up being an issue throughout the call.