35 Calming, Encouraging Facts That Will Give You Hope When You’re Feeling Low

These facts from
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1. Pillow fighting is a genuine, recognized sport in Canada. It was established in Toronto in 2004 by the Pillow Fighting League.

2. Stan Lee began producing the Fantastic 4, Spider-Man, Iron Man, etc at around 40, so even if you believe that you cant get anything out of life, you still can press yourself creatively and leave a long lasting influence on the world at an older age.

3. Swedish blood donors get a text whenever their blood is used to help someone.

4. Jupiter gravitational mass is so tremendous modern science think its been protecting us from meteors for millions of years.

5. Offered all the atoms in the universe are recycled in various methods (having formed in the first stars), our whole body has actually currently experienced billions of years of each atoms own personal history. Much more reassuring, its plausible those atoms will eventually enter into somebody else in the future and will continue to exist in different forms– changing continuously — till the end of time itself. In a method, were connected to something absolutely eternal and our ultimate fate is to be spread throughout the stars. Hell, depending how deep you wish to get, theres also a small, tiny opportunity that your pattern of DNA will form completely by possibility again, developing someone that is biologically you however with a whole new memory, experiences and history. Essentially, everybody and everything is linked. The very best part? None of this is based on religion or wishful thinking, its actual recognized and current clinical reality.

6. Bees take naps in flowers! So yeah, its okay to require a nap, even hectic bees do.

7. A group of pugs is called a whine.

8. Your body is home to its own special ecosystem, the human gut. Sounds gross, but billions of little animals living inside you are helping you digest things, get rid of waste, and make it through natural toxic substances in the food you consume.

If you ever seem like youre ineffective, or that your presence suggests absolutely nothing, thats not true. You literally mean the world to your gut plants.

9. Ravens and crows like to play in snow. Among their favorite activities is rolling hills.

10. Once a coming child starts develops hearing, theyre able to hear their moms heartbeat.

11. When riding a horse and you want it to run, often it doesnt because it can pick up if the rider is afraid or not to go much faster. If they spot the individual is frightened they will not enter order to not terrify the rider.

12. Male Penguins search for the most lovely rock to provide to their fiance as a present and indication of love.

They help each other discover women to mate with. The strength of male relationship even reached the animal kingdom.

14. When you are speaking to someone and you see their students dilating its a sign of psychological depth that they cant hide. THEY FUCKING LOVE YOU!

15. All of the cardigans Mister Rogers used on video camera were knitted by his mom.

Suggesting hundreds of years in the future we can look back on tweets from old celebs and world leaders. Just picture if we had social media 500 years earlier, we could simply look back history occurring.

17. Cats will slow blink at you to give you kisses.

18. Elephants think youre adorable simply like humans think cats and canines are cute.

19. Youve already passed the most dangerous part of plane travel if you make it to the airport without passing away.

20. When purring, felines slightly heal themselves.

21. It is estimated every 10 years, the cells in your body will have been changed with brand-new ones. You get a brand-new body every 10 years making it so you do get a fresh start.

22. The word for penguin in Mandarin equates to organisation goose.

Theres a volunteer company called No One Dies Alone. From someone to talk to, or simply someone to hold our hand. Theyll make sure someone will be there for you.

24. Otters hold each others hands when they sleep so their mate wont drift away.

25. Cows have friends.

26. Throughout the Second World War, a Muslim guy owned a mosque in Paris. After France got captured by the Germans, the french Jews were being eliminated. The Muslim male provided every Jew he could find shelter in his mosque and given out phony Muslim certificates so they wouldnt be questioned. He conserved over 400 lives. Nobody us your opponent, other than for the ones you make yourself believe are.

27. Individuals see you 20% more appealing than you see yourself.

28. Pets make adorable little sneezing noises to tell you they are playing and not fighting.

29. Because you instantly start petting and apologizing, pets know when you step on them by error. They understand its an error!

30. Liechtenstein as soon as deployed 80 guys for securing the border against Austria. In spite of their worries, they saw precisely zero battle.

When they stopped they returned house– with 81 guys. Due to the fact that an Italian bloke run into them and wished to come live in Liechtenstein.

They literally made a pal on the method.

31. Goldfish can acknowledge their owners.

32. Cheetahs are very shy animals. Some zoos give them support dogs like those for people. Its the cutest thing ever.

33. When finding/being discovered, scientists have discovered that rats LOVE playing look for and conceal and screech with pleasure.

34. A penguin was once knighted in Norway.

35. Believe of all the worst days of your life. Youve made it through every one of them and are still going strong. Theres constantly another day on the other side.

Youve made it through every single one of them and are still going strong.

From somebody to talk to, or simply someone to hold our hand. Theyll make sure someone will be there for you. No one us your opponent, except for the ones you make yourself believe are.

You get a brand-new body every 10 years making it so you do get a fresh start.