Woman gets upset after asked to wear face mask at California Trader Joes – WPVI-TV

The lady in the video was mad after being questioned about why she was not using a mask.
When out in within and public stores and other companies to assist stop the spread of COVID-19, Los Angeles residents are required to use face coverings.
Other consumers responded to the video.
“I feel a little bad that individuals are getting shamed and she has a medical condition so she cant use a mask. On the other hand, we understand now that the mask is assisting to stop the spread, so we should, particularly when were in lines and in places, we require to be more conscious,” stated buyer Sigrid Matthews.

“I think you should still use a mask simply for the safety of others, particularly for the elderly and kids,” said shopper Jessica Govea.
KABC-TV reached out to Trader Joes for remark about the occurrence however didnt immediately get an action.

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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, California– A woman went on a tirade after being asked to wear a face covering in a Trader Joes store in California.
A consumer tape-recorded the incident inside the shop on Friday.