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It can be harmful to believe that a company can never ever be beat. There are too many once-powerful services that have either disappeared or are a shadow of their former selves to totally rule out the possibility of being interrupted.
There are a handful of companies that have such strong company models that theyre most likely to stay at the top of their markets for a long time to come. These are the kinds of companies that you want to invest in. If youve got $5,000, here are three virtually invincible stocks that you can purchase today to make a great deal of cash over the long term..

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1. Amazon.
It would be incredibly challenging for a competitor to dethrone Amazon.com (NASDAQ: AMZN) in e-commerce. The company has a popular brand name. It has a huge distribution infrastructure. Amazon claims approximately 40% of the online sales market, according to market researcher eMarketer. The No. 2 company, Walmart, has an e-commerce market share of just 5%.
Amazon has harder competition for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting business. However its still the indisputed leader. As companies move apps and data to the cloud, it appears highly most likely that AWS will continue to deliver remarkable growth even if it loses market share along the method.
Can anything stop Amazon? Possibly the most significant threat is that federal government regulators could throttle the businesss growth plans. Its likewise possible (however I think quite not likely) that Amazon might be separated. Even if that occurs, though, my hunch is that the amount of the parts would potentially deserve more than the entire.
Barring a major governmental obstruction, Amazon seems poised to continue providing strong growth despite its huge size. The business has its eyes set on the financially rewarding health care market and is getting Zoox to get into the self-driving vehicle technology arena. Amazon isnt completely invincible, however its not too far from it.
2. User-friendly Surgical.
Mentioning the health care sector, one business has definitely dominated the robotic surgical systems market for 20 years– Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ: ISRG). More than 5,500 of Intuitives da Vinci systems are set up across the world. Over 7.2 million surgeries have actually been performed using these systems so far, with 1.2 million procedures in 2019 alone.
Intuitive Surgicals success has actually brought in new competitors. 2 healthcare giants, Medtronic and Johnson & & Johnson, have robotic surgical systems that either already contend directly against Intuitives items or will do so soon.
Im not too worried about Intuitive losing its grip on the leading spot in the market. Intuitives existing consumers have sufficient motivation to get the most out of their investment rather than switch to a competing system. Newcomers will also be at a downside going up against Intuitives long safety track record.
Most notably, however, I believe the marketplace will expand enough to support numerous gamers with Intuitive Surgical remaining No. 1. Key development motorists consist of aging group patterns and technological innovations that increase the types of procedures that can be carried out with robotic help.

3. Square.
Some believe that the COVID-19 pandemic might trigger a velocity of the continuous shift from money to digital forms of payment with customers concerns that using physical currency could increase their opportunities of being contaminated by viruses. Although some studies have shown those fears are overblown, understanding is sometimes more crucial than reality. I think Square (NYSE: SQ) is well-positioned to be a huge winner from the growth in digital payments regardless.
Square has strongly established itself as the leader in offering payment innovation and services to little- and medium-sized organisations. You most likely see the businesss little charge card devices frequently if you make purchases from these smaller retailers. What you do not see, however, is the excellent ecosystem that Square has built to serve these services, from payroll apps to service debit cards.
I search for Square to leverage its relationships with little- and medium-sized organisations to acquire more traction in assisting them in brand-new ways, including building e-commerce sites. I likewise anticipate the business to make more inroads with bigger clients.
Squares Cash App peer-to-peer digital payment is completing well against PayPals Venmo. The business thinks it has a chance of at least $60 billion annually in the U.S. alone with Cash App.

There are a handful of business that have such strong business designs that theyre most likely to remain at the top of their markets for a long time to come. The No. 2 business, Walmart, has an e-commerce market share of only 5%.
The company has its eyes set on the profitable healthcare market and is getting Zoox to get into the self-driving vehicle innovation arena. You probably see the businesss small credit card devices frequently if you make purchases from these smaller retailers. The business thinks it has a chance of at least $60 billion every year in the U.S. alone with Cash App.