What Helps Me When I Feel Down About My Chronic Illness

I d recently had another one of my surgical treatments; I was born with a hereditary condition called vascular malformation, which grew and spread rather quickly on my left cheek and into the mouth throughout my youth. Its the factor Ive been paying visits to operation theaters for all of my life.

I had my first effective operation, which was likewise the hardest time of my life, almost twelve years earlier. My visits to the hospital dont seem to end for one problem or another.

So now I need factors to keep the spark alive in me.

“Faith is taking the primary step even when you do not see the whole staircase.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr

These are a few of the important things I advise myself of whenever I feel particularly low.

And now it doesnt appear to be the case; my hopes are going out after 20 years of attempting to keep them up.

. A few months back, prior to the pandemic upended life for all of us, I went through one of those times when I could not do anything however sit at home and rest for my healths sake.

Its said that health is wealth, and without it life appears to be pointless. I know there are many others out there battling with various health concerns, which might have led them to not being able to operate at their finest.

Its bad enough to live with the numerous scars on my body and my face for the rest of my life, without needing to end up in the extensive care system once in a while.

Living with a persistent disease is certainly hard, but it is possible to be happy in spite of its problems.

I d constantly believed my early years that it was just a matter of a number of years, that by the time I grew up I would not need to tolerate any of the discomforts and discomforts and interruptions to life objectives, that I d lastly be able to lead a normal life after my not-so-normal childhood.

All I can consider today is how I cant provide up, since Ive constantly tried so hard to live according to my requirements and desires. I cant lose hope after whatever Ive done and achieved for myself, from getting my low self-esteem as a kid and making pals to getting my college degree.

1. You werent a mistake.

However they made it, all the method to you.

Truly, our forefathers survived for practically three million years from the tiniest to the largest of threats. They made it through the heat, frost, starvation, dangers from all sort of animals, from lions and wolves to mosquitoes and germs; from earthquakes and cyclones to the 2 world wars. And much of it was method prior to the advancement of innovation and science.

Its so tempting to think that being born with a genetic illness indicates you werent suggested to live, that you were a mistake on behalf of nature.

You would be too excellent to be a coincidence, dont you think?

The human body (and the human mind) is more powerful than what you might believe. We do not even totally understand the complex processes that take place inside us, yet if we required to we could handle to live in and make it through in every part of the planet, from Antarctica to the Atacama Desert to the Amazon Rainforest.

Have faith that your body would heal and adjust itself to the world in the very best possible method. Its everything about the time.

2. Do not compare your life with other individualss lives.

Allow yourself to rest when the need emerges, since it is precisely what you should have at the moment.

And in some cases the way to offer meaning to the world is to help yourself first. You are setting an example to others by continuing to live life to the maximum.

It can be depressing to enjoy other individuals proceed with their lives while you may not have the ability to do the important things you want to do.

You may not feel really productive or of much use to the world, however thats all in your head. You are enough as you are.

Comparing yourself to others makes no sense; they are various individuals who had and still have different situations than you. Comparing is a total disrespect to your circumstance and to who you actually are as a person.

Heres when caring yourself as you are in the present enters play.

3. Know that life is a gift, and be grateful.

Ive discovered that fiction can supply insights on almost anything under the sun, which is why I love to check out. One of the books that truly moved me was Paulo Coelhos Veronica Decides to Die, which informs the story of a woman who survives a suicide attempt and eventually learns that every minute of her presence is an option between living and passing away. I think it completely encapsulates the concept of every day being a gift.

Throughout the times at the hospital, I wasnt able to look after my fundamental requirements, so I began to value the little things that I had the ability to do and experience. I was grateful to be able to eat an egg for breakfast, and to walk around by myself and listen to music on my laptop. Ive lots of more factors to be grateful for today that Ive come house.

I understand that being grateful for what you have is a clichéd concept, but it doesnt make it any less real.

I wholeheartedly believe that lifes most basic enjoyments are the best, as Henry David Thoreau states, “That man is rich whose enjoyments are the most affordable.”

4. Do not let the illness define who you truly are.

Previously in my youth days I was just a scholastic achiever, and now I can explain myself as a multi-lingual learner, a devoted book reader, and a musician.

But its not almost the important things you can do. Its about who you really are.

Ive constantly felt singled out from the rest since of the apparentness of the scar on my face and the disease. Its tough to try to be normal when everyone knows in the beginning glance that youre various.

You are an individual with a personality, with your own likes and dislikes, your own quirks and interests and opinions about the world.

Dont enable individuals to put you in a box, particularly a box that is identified as “handicapped,” “ill,” or “unhealthy.” Remember that you are a lot more than that and you can provide your life any significance you want.

I never let that get in my method of how I desired to live my life due to the fact that I understand that I am so much more than my disease.

Sharing our sensations and thoughts is sharing the most fundamental parts of ourselves, so Ill constantly do my finest to express myself authentically.

Custom artwork by Kelly Benini

About Kathy Wilkinson

Kathy Wilkinson is a reader, author, artist, multi-language speaker, and likes finding out to delight in and live life in the very best way possible for her. Her e-mail is k2.wasnikar@gmail.com.

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They made it through the heat, frost, hunger, dangers from all kinds of animals, from lions and wolves to mosquitoes and germs; from earthquakes and typhoons to the two world wars. Throughout the times at the healthcare facility, I wasnt able to take care of my fundamental requirements, so I started to value the little things that I was able to experience and do. I was grateful to be able to consume an egg for breakfast, and to stroll around by myself and listen to music on my laptop. Ive lots of more reasons to be grateful for right now that Ive come home.

A few months back, before the pandemic upended life for all of us, I went through one of those times when I might do nothing however sit at home and rest for my healths sake.