WealthBar Review – How Does This Robo-Advisor Stack Up?

WealthBar evaluation

Reduce of Use


Portfolio Options

Platform and Tools

Really high management fee and ETF expenditure ratios.
Conservative portfolios with meager returns.
$ 1,000 minimum deposit.

WealthBar is a Canada-based robo-advising service that adopts a low-risk, moderate-reward technique for long-lasting investing. The platform provides outstanding diversification and access to a monetary consultant, however the management charges and minimum financial investment are rather higher than for competing platforms. That said, you can open a variety of accounts with WealthBar, making it perfect for customizing the service to your long-term investing objectives. In this review of WealthBar, well take a better take a look at this robo-advising service so you can discover more and discover if it is ideal for you.

You can take advantage of this service to discuss which WealthBar portfolio or account type is ideal for your goal. You can see the annualized return for every year given that WealthBar was founded as well as the weight of each ETF that goes into the portfolios. WealthBar likewise uses 3 premium Private portfolios that have actually been more carefully crafted than the companys standard portfolios. WealthBar is in advance about the yearly and lifetime returns of its portfolios. Its likewise worth keeping in mind that WealthBars portfolios are extremely conservative, and the returns are usually much lower than the more comprehensive market.

Account Requirements
WealthBar is only offered to Non-resident people or canadian locals. You can open an account with any quantity of cash, however you require a minimum of $1,000 CAD to start investing.
WealthBar uses a number of various types of accounts, depending on your investing goals. There are likewise pension, trust, and corporate accounts available, but you will require to speak with a monetary advisor before opening one of these.
WealthBar Pricing And Fees.
WealthBar charges an annual management charge of 0.60% up to $150,000. If you have more than $150,000 in accounts with this company, your fee drops to 0.40% for the next $350,000 and 0.35% for each dollar about $500,000.

WealthBar is a robo-advising service based in Canada. With a easy and simple platform, they intend to make it simple to monitor your accounts and your returns. Before you jump in, read our review of WealthBar and discover more.

Among the nice features of the WealthBar online dashboard is that you can also use it for budget management to some level. The user interface enables you to input large monthly costs along with your income so that you can track just how much is left over for investing. This isnt the most comprehensive budget plan tool, since it doesnt connect to your bank or charge card to more properly reflect your spending. But, it can be a helpful tool if you want to improve the forecasts of future wealth that WealthBar displays.
WealthBar is in advance about the annual and lifetime returns of its portfolios. All of the portfolios, consisting of the “Aggressive” portfolio, are fairly low-risk, which is reflected in the anticipated returns. The Aggressive portfolio has an annual typical return of 4.01% (with 9.49% volatility), the Balanced portfolio has a 3.11% return (with 7.77% volatility), and the Safety portfolio has a 1.78% return (with 4.30% volatility).


When it comes to choosing a portfolio, WealthBar has a variety of various alternatives. There are five standard portfolios that range from “Aggressive” to “Safety,” depending on your risk tolerance. Helpfully, the company is upfront about the returns and volatility of each portfolio. You can see the annualized return for every single year given that WealthBar was established in addition to the weight of each ETF that goes into the portfolios. In basic, portfolios include a mix of US, Canadian and international stocks, business bonds, and genuine estate (through REITs).
WealthBar likewise provides 3 premium Private portfolios that have actually been more carefully crafted than the companys basic portfolios. These have significantly much better performance than the basic portfolios since they released as well as lower volatility. Rather remarkably, these are offered for no extra cost relative to the standard portfolios– however the expense ratios are much higher.

About WealthBar
WealthBar was founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 2013 by Tea and Chris Nicola. The company presently handles around $275 million in user properties and has numerous certified financial advisors on staff to answer consumer questions. WealthBar was obtained by CI Financial in January 2019, but the platforms initial leadership team remains in location.
How WealthBar Works
WealthBar runs on the exact same model as many completing robo consultants. Your money is immediately bought low-priced ETFs, and you profit of tax-loss harvesting and automated rebalancing without lifting a finger.
Perhaps the most significant difference to WealthBar is that all clients get limitless access to a licensed monetary coordinator. You can benefit from this service to discuss which WealthBar portfolio or account type is best for your objective. Or, you can speak about any of your other monetary concerns like how big a home mortgage you can pay for or how much money you require to save for retirement.

In addition, you are accountable for paying the expenditure ratios of the ETFs you are bought. For the standard portfolios, the overall cost ratio ranges from 0.18% to 0.25%. For the Private portfolios, the expenditure ratio varies from 1.00% to 1.55%.
WealthBar Platform And Tools.
WealthBars platform is relatively straightforward. You can quickly monitor your accounts and your return in time, as well as task your wealth in the future based on anticipated costs.

Endless access to a qualified financial coordinator.
Open a broad range of financial investment accounts.
Free high-yield cost savings account for clients.
Offers exposure to bonds and realty.
Various portfolio choices to pick from.

The Private portfolios fare substantially better. The Private Balanced portfolio, for example, has actually seen a typical return of 4.97% each year with just 4.26% volatility..
WealthBar Comparison To Alternative Investments.
WealthBar offers an incredibly variety of account types and access to a monetary advisor. That makes it a really fully featured platform. If you want to cut costs while still having your investments managed for you, it may be worth looking at competitors Wealthsimple and Nest Wealth. Both use lower fees, although you will not get limitless access to a monetary coordinator.
Its likewise worth keeping in mind that WealthBars portfolios are very conservative, and the returns are generally much lower than the more comprehensive market. More aggressive investors may be able to build a more aggressive and greater return portfolio by themselves by purchasing low-cost index ETFs through a brokerage. However, you will not get tax-loss harvesting or automated rebalancing if you go this path, and the volatility you experience might be much higher.
WealthBar Key Differentiators.
The primary thing that sets WealthBar apart is that you get unrestricted access to a licensed financial coordinator with your account. Thats a substantial benefit for anyone with a complicated monetary circumstance or who needs an assisting hand with financial investment. It also, to a big level, justifies WealthBars high yearly management cost.
Another reason to select WealthBar is that it offers a variety of accounts. The reality that you can begin with a TFSA and then ultimately work with an advisor to open a trust or specific pension strategy through the exact same platform produces a much smoother monetary journey.
WealthBar has actually been around considering that 2013 and uses a level of transparency about how your cash is invested that many robo advising platforms do not match. The business is a fiduciary, and all financial consultants you speak to through WealthBar are certified, financial organizers. Plus, all accounts at WealthBar are guaranteed by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund, as much as $1,000,000.
Who Is WealthBar Best For?
WealthBar is finest for long-term investors who desire both automated investments and access to a financial coordinator. This platform is specifically beneficial if you wish to open several various accounts for saving, retirement, and passing on wealth to your household.
Nevertheless, if you arent sure whether you can make the most of the financial organizer, its worth taking a hard take a look at whether the charges that WealthBar charges are worth your while. The returns on WealthBars portfolios are relatively low, and the cost ratios of the underlying ETFs are fairly high.