The one good thing that coronavirus taught me

The entire world is psychologically and emotionally exhausted by this pandemic illness.

It is the worst scenario ever faced by any of us and has currently cost us millions of lives and no one knows just how much more will it cost us.

While the world enjoyed in its fantasy, this disease came and shattered it like broken glass.

Coronavirus or COVID-19, the first pandemic illness ever experienced by the 21st-century generation.

Today we are following social distancing, lockdowns, quarantines just to break the chain of this disease and overcome this catastrophe.

It has actually raised substantial questions on our resources, planning, and preparedness.

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While there is plenty of unfavorable to discuss but I want to speak about one good idea that coronavirus has taught me or rather coronavirus made me understand this truth.

The one good idea

Yeah, I know what you will think that this you all understand and we all are conscious of this thing.

The one good thing that coronavirus catastrophe has made me familiar with is that there is no tomorrow assured.

But are you really aware?

We as the entire world are not at all sure what will happen next when this illness will go, when and if our lives will return to typical again and many more unpredictabilities.

We are so busy preparation and thinking about the future that we lose all our todays.

We always prepare for the future, we always have some anxiety about our future. And this seems normal to us.

So this requires us to live and prepare only for today.

This coronavirus disease has actually made me so unsure about tomorrow that all I do is reside in today and I think many of you may also have begun living the same way knowingly or unknowingly during this lockdown.

We attempt to prepare ourselves by taking insurance for all the possible circumstances that we might end up in the future.

Tomorrow which is not guaranteed.

We do the very same in our relationships, we never try to make efforts to bound as we are so hectic today and press it for tomorrow and that tomorrow never ever comes.

I also knew this for extremely long however I never believed it was a huge offer and I make sure most of us would have not even offered it an idea.

However the truth is we can never ever be completely prepared for what tomorrow might bring to us which is what this disease has actually taught us.

Understanding and understanding are 2 different things.

We constantly keep the cash for tomorrow, we constantly push the holiday for tomorrow, we save the bread for tomorrow, we conserve pleasure, happiness and everything for tomorrow.

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I do not know if you have ever given it a thought or not however our lives will never ever be the exact same after this disease is defeated.

As this disease has actually brought us closer to our truth, we should now a minimum of start living in the present.

When we live today we feel more closer to living, we remain in the completely mindful and present and in control of our actions because we are devoid of any stress and anxiety and issues about tomorrow.

Live today and just today because no tomorrow is assured.

We will never have the ability to nullify the results of this disease.

We must just be worried and interested in our todays life, todays bread, todays possibility, opportunity, and results.