Staying Power (Official Music Video) Fearless Motivation

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Life cant keep me downEven gravity struggles to keep me aroundIll never ever wave the flag, Ill never ever toss the towelIve survived so numerous tests and trialsMy fire still burns when Im burnt out.

This is my staying powerIve got persistenceA quitter never ever winsI remain constant.

Greatness requires time … Rome wasnt developed in a daySo I keep grinding away day, day after day after daySometimes it feels like hell however I remained in the gameIt feels unusual to be the last one that stays.

PersistenceCommitmentI live itDisciplineNot offering inNo quittingNo matter the length of time it takesIll go the distanceFailing aint failureTheres a distinction.

I mightve stopped working a thousand times however Im not offering upI mayve missed out on a thousand times but Im still aiming upI work lateI stay in the fightI do additional roundsI do overtime.

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Sun down to sun up … we up.
Ive got that staying power, that 2nd windThat digging deep, that never ever giving inThat leaning on yourself, when theres nobody aroundThat rising from the ashes when they count you out.

STAYING POWER (Official Music Video) Fearless Motivation
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Ive got persistenceA quitter never ever winsI remain consistentThis is my staying powerIll outlast anyoneIll outwork everyoneIm constantly number one.

Ill outlive anybody … Ill outwork everyone … Im always top!

This is my staying powerIll outlive anyoneIll outwork everyoneIm always number oneThis is my staying powerI opt for whats mineI can do anythingIts all in the mindThis is my staying powerWorth fighting forThey may win a battleTheyll never win my warThis is my staying power!.

This is my staying powerI go for whats mineI can do anythingIts all in the mindThis is my staying powerWorth battling forThey might win a battleTheyll never ever win my warThis is my staying power!

I opt for whats mineI kept my objectives on my brain, remained in the gameWhile the doubters all faded awayThere was no chance so I made itThere was no course so I paved itI developed the roadway to achievement.

In some cases I need to slow downSometimes I take a breakBut I aint broken I just require time to recalibrateIm simply waiting on that second win to kick inGet my mind directly, and then we go again.

The majority of people quitSuccess aint immediatebut or always instant I felt from within I knew I could win, deep down I never worryThe pain the torment and struggle made a better storyThis is my staying power.