Rick Doblin — The Psychedelic Domino That Tips All Others (#440)

Treatment-Resistant PTSD|Psychiatric Times.

MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy|MAPS.

PiHKAL (Phenethylamines I Have Known and Loved): A Chemical Love Story by Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin.

You may likewise take pleasure in The Way of the Psychonaut: Stan Grofs Journey of Consciousness, a documentary honoring Stan Grof. His new training program, Grof Legacy Training, is based on Stans research into psychedelic treatment, holotropic breathwork, transpersonal psychology, and spiritual emergencies.

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How the Starck Club Changed Dallas|D Magazine.

MDMA Scientific Literature, Government Hearings, and Archive|MAPS.

If you have an interest in discovering more about MAPSs crucial work and Phase 3 research studies to make MDMA-assisted psychotherapy an accepted treatment for PTSD, please go to maps.org/capstone.

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MAPS Capstone Challenge– Help Make MDMA a Medicine.

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Terms and conditions use.

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Psychedelic Science Funders Collaborative (PSFC).

TiHKAL (Tryptamines I Have Known and Loved): A Continuation by Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin.

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The Secret Chief by Myron J. Stolaroff|MAPS.

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Get In Touch With Rick Doblin:.

MDMA|Erowid Vault.

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The Two Faces of Oxytocin|American Psychological Association.

Ego-Dissolution and Psychedelics: Validation of the Ego-Dissolution Inventory (EDI)|Human Neuroscience.


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How the War on Drugs Has Harmed Veterans with PTSD|Time.

Want to find out more about psychedelic treatment from another leader in this field?– Listen to my conversation with the legendary Stan Grof, in which we go over the takeaways from guiding 4,500+ LSD sessions, the place and function of injured healers, restrictions and usages of traditional psychoanalysis and talk therapy, the resemblances found between holotropic breathwork and MDMA, what humanity most requires to overcome, and much more.

Methamphetamine|Erowid Vault.

Photo thanks to MAPSRick Doblin, PhD, (@rickdoblin) is the founder and executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). He received his doctorate in public policy from Harvards Kennedy School of Government, where he composed his dissertation on the regulation of the medical usages of psychedelics and cannabis and his masters thesis on a survey of oncologists about smoked marijuana vs. the oral THC pill in nausea control for cancer patients. Rick was also one of the early students under the legendary Dr. Stanislav Grof.

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The Secret Chief Revealed by Myron J. Stolaroff.

Earth Metabolic Design Laboratories|Enacademic.

Why is Switzerland a Neutral Country?|History.

3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)- Assisted Psychotherapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Military Veterans, Firefighters, and Police Officers: A Randomised, Double-Blind, Dose-Response, Phase 2 Clinical Trial|The Lancet Psychiatry.

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MAPS Public Benefit Corporation.

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The Bastiaans Method of Drug-Assisted Therapy|MAPS.


What is MAPS, and how did MAPS happen? 05:42
What is MDMA– where did it come from, and how did it find its method into the restorative context?
What was Sasha Shulgins function in the history of psychedelics, and how did he operate a lab to study them openly without suffering legal repercussions? 18:08
Who is Jon Lubecky, and why did he enter into Ricks life?
Why does Rick believe psychedelic therapy not only permits victims of PTSD to tolerably review and concern terms with their traumatic experiences, but likewise enjoy the benefits for months or perhaps years after the chemical parts of this treatment have faded?
What are the biggest distinctions in between MDMA and the less popular MDA? 39:31
Rick speaks about his first psychedelic treatment sessions with a PTSD client back in 1984, their brief- and long-lasting impacts, and how that patient went on to become a crucial asset to the MAPS community. 42:42
For Rick and his colleagues, what has made the benefits of psychedelic therapy worth sustaining its risks– particularly in the not-so-distant past when it was lawfully dangerous and considered profession suicide for its specialists? 57:06
The suicide note that reached Rick when assistance came far too late, and what it stressed about the importance of his lifes work. 1:00:00
What the future and present appear like for MDMA reclassification and its therapeutic usage, and why coordinating grants make now the ideal time for potential factors to get the most mileage from their cash.
Up till recently, anybody connected with psychedelic treatments might anticipate to suffer a blow to their credibility, but the times are altering, and my own experience has actually shown rather the opposite.
How much would you spend for 100 percent reputational upside in making MDMA-assisted therapies offered to the thousands in need? 1:30:10
Parting thoughts.

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Image courtesy of MAPSRick Doblin, PhD, (@rickdoblin) is the creator and executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). Why does Rick think psychedelic therapy not only permits victims of PTSD to tolerably revisit and come to terms with their terrible experiences, however likewise delight in the advantages for months or even years after the chemical elements of this therapy have faded? Rick talks about his very first psychedelic therapy sessions with a PTSD patient back in 1984, their brief- and long-term results, and how that patient went on to end up being a crucial property to the MAPS community. For Rick and his coworkers, what has made the benefits of psychedelic treatment worth enduring its threats– especially in the not-so-distant past when it was legally unsafe and thought about profession suicide for its practitioners? Up till just recently, anybody associated with psychedelic therapies might expect to suffer a blow to their reputation, but the times are altering, and my own experience has shown rather the opposite.

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