Orange County Democrats call for John Wayne Airport to be renamed | TheHill – The Hill

The resolution called for the Orange County Board of Supervisors to eliminate Waynes name, statue, and other similarities from the global airport and “restore its initial name: Orange County Airport.”.

The resolution specifies that Waynes elimination is part of a much bigger movement to remove “white supremacist symbols and names [that are] reshaping American organizations, monoliths, businesses, nonprofits, sports leagues, and teams,” according to the resolution file.

On Friday, the Democratic Party of Orange County passed a resolution condemning the Duke for his past “bigoted and racist declarations” he made during an interview with “Playboy” in 1971, according to the Los Angeles Times..

The call for getting rid of Waynes likeness from the airport comes amidst a resurfaced interview from the cowboy star, who was 63 at the time, stating: “I think in white supremacy up until the Blacks are informed to a point of duty. I dont think in offering authority and positions of management and judgment to irresponsible people.”.

” The numbers have actually grown considering that in 2015 to where I think we have something like 40,000 more Democrats than Republicans,” Briceño said.

” There have been past efforts to get this done and now were putting our name and our support into this to ensure there is a name modification,” said Ada Briceño, chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County.

” It is commonly recognized that racist symbols produce enduring physical and psychological tension and injury especially to Black communities, people of color and other oppressed groups,” the resolution stated, including Orange County is more varied than in 1979 when the airport was christened under Waynes name.

Democratic authorities in Orange County, Calif., are calling for John Wayne Airport to be renamed amidst resurfacing racial comments the late Western motion picture star made years earlier.

Briceño stated that the relabeling might likely take place due to the changing celebration demographics of Orange County and the protests that followed the death of George Floyd in police custody.

Another petition for relabeling the airport has actually been published online and has actually gotten over 600 signatures.