Kevin Hart — The Unstoppable Combination of Positivity and Relentless Improvement (#435)

His last live stand-up funny tour, “The Irresponsible Tour,” was released as a Netflix Original Stand-Up Special in April 2019.

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How much of Kevins character can be chalked up to the upbringing his mother supplied? 06:05]
How has Kevin developed the positivity to fix up with his daddy– with whom he shares a distressed history– and turn down the energy-draining effect of hatred? [09:11] What does Kevins self-talk appear like when hes immersed in a circumstance beyond his control– as he was throughout healing from his dreadful cars and truck mishap in 2019? [15:25] How does Kevin keep the pain he feels is needed to fuel the drive to excel while valuing the advantages he currently has? [18:32] Has Kevin always had the drive to perform at 100 percent? If not, what made him step up? [24:39]
In what methods does Kevin state “no” in order to say “yes” to other commitments? [29:55] How does Kevin choose his chances so theyre actions up rather than actions sideways or backwards? [34:00] Kevins Monopoly method. [39:23] What do the first 90 minutes of Kevins day look like? [41:15] What Kevin considers to be the most unsurpassable workouts anybody can do. [42:30] The storytellers who actually stand apart for Kevin. [42:58] Why is now the correct time for Kevin to release The Decision: Overcoming Todays BS for Tomorrows Success? [45:15] If the previous was a memoir, is the latter more of a set of concepts and tools? 50:15]
Parting ideas. [56:36]

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“I do not understand how you do something midway. I did that through high school, and doing that, I saw the immediate repercussion.”– Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he launched his profession as a comic throughout an amateur night at a regional funny club.


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— Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he introduced his career as a comedian during an amateur night at a regional funny club. What does Kevins self-talk appearance like when hes immersed in a situation beyond his control– as he was during healing from his terrible car mishap in 2019? In what methods does Kevin state “no” in order to state “yes” to other dedications? How does Kevin select his opportunities so theyre steps up rather than steps sideways or in reverse?