John Paul DeJoria — From Homelessness to Building Paul Mitchell and Patrón Tequila (#441)

In 1980, John Paul and hair stylist Paul Mitchell transformed a partially borrowed $700 into John Paul Mitchell Systems, which is today the biggest privately held salon hair care line. After a colorful variety of odd tasks– from janitor to door-to-door salesperson– what led to John Pauls teaming up with Paul Mitchell to formulate the John Paul Mitchell Systems? What did the pitch appearance like when John Paul and Paul Mitchell had to keep their service idea going even after a preliminary guaranteed investment of huge cash fell through and they pooled together a grand overall of $700 between them? What approach does John Paul take to– as kindly as possible– cut ties with people he no longer desires in his life? Are there any quotations or maxims by which John Paul lives his life?

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In excellent shape at 76, what does physical fitness look like for John Paul? Does he have a consistent workout regimen, or does he simply pull off Spider-Man relocations at celebrations with Smokey Robinson? [06:13]
What type of diet plan does John Paul observe, and what does he think about to be the breakfast of champions? [12:00] White wine suggestions. [14:56] On growing up “rich” and delighted with just 27 cents to divide with his loving mother and sibling, and what this taught him about the true significance of success. [16:03] John Paul talks about the circumstances that caused him being homeless not as soon as, but twice, and how he handled to break the cycle. [19:53] After a vibrant variety of chores– from janitor to door-to-door salesman– what led to John Pauls partnering with Paul Mitchell to develop the John Paul Mitchell Systems? [25:17] Where did John Paul establish his salesmanship superpowers, and whats the huge secret hes willing to show us? [29:19] What did the pitch look like when John Paul and Paul Mitchell had to keep their business concept going even after an initial assured investment of huge money fell through and they pooled together a grand total of $700 in between them? How did they convince the links in their supply chain and their very first distributor that they were worth relying on with favorable terms as an unknown, unproven line?
Did John Paul inherit his chutzpah genetically, or was it handed down by a wise elder? How might he pass it along to his own offspring?
Aside from sheer persistence in the face of rejection, what techniques or insights does John Paul credit with making him a better salesperson than his competition? [40:57] John Paul shares the origin story of the Patrón tequila brand name and how his salesmanship savvy helped jump-start its adoption in the United States– even when heavy players in the market kept informing him and his partners that it would never actually catch on. 42:40]
How was the work of launching and preserving Patrón divided amongst the partners, and what does John Paul consider to be some of the best lessons a Harvard Business School class might gain from choices that were made? [48:47] What was John Paul and his partners secret to establishing a higher-end, more costly tequila brand in a market saturated with a more affordable competitors? [50:59] As just recently as 2013, John Pauls workflow was devoid of computers and email. Just what did that appearance like, and does it still apply today? [53:40]
In the course of a regular day, how does John Paul identify whats deserving and important of attention versus what can securely be ignored– and how does doing things the old-fashioned way (e.g., talking on the phone) beat new-fangled, email-focused conversations? [55:24] Why John Paul discovers it particularly crucial to recognize first responders– especially throughout these hard times. [58:13] On the significance of taking personal yearly (or perhaps more frequent) retreats, and how John Paul puts them to good usage on his mission to live to 125. [1:00:44] What approach does John Paul take to– as kindly as possible– cut ties with people he no longer wants in his life? [1:04:13] During his retreats, has John Paul observed any patterns that have assisted him make better decisions moving on? [1:06:52] How has John Paul improved at stating no? [1:07:39] Exist any brand-new beliefs or behaviors that have had a positive influence on John Pauls life? [1:09:22] Are there any quotes or maxims by which John Paul lives his life? [1:12:46] Books most gifted and suggested. [1:13:24] Remarkable failures that set John Paul up for later on success. [1:15:32] How does John Paul select the humanitarian and for-profit tasks to which he commits his energy? What does the 80 percent of his time spent on non-business jobs look like?
What carries out from his own toolkit have helped John Paul through times of doubt or difficulty? [1:29:39] What John Paul would place on his billboard, and parting thoughts. [1:33:09]

This episode was recorded in March of 2020. Due to technical concerns, we moved from Skype to phone partway through the interview.

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“Dont limit yourself in life by your age, or what you believe youre capable of doing. Youre constantly as old as your mind leads you to think.”– John Paul DeJoria


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He has signed The Giving Pledge, along with others like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, as a formal pledge to continue providing back, and he has actually also established JPs Peace, Love & & Happiness Foundation as a center for his charitable financial investments, which cover the core worths of his companies: sustainability, social obligation, and animal-friendliness.


John Paul DeJorias rags-to-riches biography is extraordinary and really exemplifies the American dream. Once homeless, he has resisted the chances to craft an unique life and many special businesses.



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In 1980, John Paul and hairstylist Paul Mitchell converted a partly borrowed $700 into John Paul Mitchell Systems, which is today the biggest privately held salon hair care line. In 1989, he co-founded Patrón, the very first ultra-premium tequila, and now the worlds number-one ultra-premium tequila, which he sold to Bacardi in 2018. John Paul went on to co-found John Paul Pet, ROKiT, and numerous other business..

John Paul DeJoria is an American entrepreneur and benefactor who has actually released multiple global business and is renowned as one of the “100 Greatest Living Business Minds” by Forbes.

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