I Am a Survivor, Not a Victim, and I’m Grateful for My Pain

Living by doing this was tiring. I was tired of this so-called life that I was sleepwalking my method through, and I understood that the course I was on would ultimately lead to death or a presence filled with depression day in and day out.

About Melissa Santillanez.

We matured in a family that, from the outdoors, appeared ideal.

I had been forced to see a therapist on and off as a child and my teenagers after the molestation, but I never ever went voluntarily. Now, as a grownup who was doing her finest to begin materializing modifications, I attempted to technique treatment with an open heart, willing myself not to quit when it got too rough. Its one of the best presents I could have given myself.

TRIGGER WARNING: This post deals with an account of sexual abuse and might be setting off to some people.

I began going to therapy vigilantly, week after week, slicing myself broad open, plunging my hands deep within my heart, taking out those long-buried feelings, and holding them to the light where they were resolved head-on, albeit rather unwillingly.

Through thankfulness, I discovered to start having compassion for myself and I realized I could make a difference in this world. By sharing my pain, I discovered my voice.

” Emotional discomfort can not eliminate you however running from it can. Let yourself feel. ~ Vironika Tugaleva

Though I would not choose to be molested, the experience made me stronger than I ever thought possible. I ended up being resilient and self-dependent, learning that I might turn my pain into something bigger than myself.

And then one day we werent anymore.

I also began therapy. I knew that I could quit my vices, but if I didnt begin diving into the complex and deep emotions I rollovered from childhood, I would not grow as I required to. For somebody who had gained from an early age to sweep whatever under the carpet and pretend like nothing was incorrect, treatment was tough, to say the least.

It is my greatest hope that another individual reads my story and understands that they are not alone. Know that you too can turn your discomfort into something helpful to others if you can relate to anything I wrote. You are not broken. You matter, you are loved, and you are worthwhile.

We would participate in church with my mommys side of the household every Sunday, going to breakfast at a restaurant after. My siblings, sister, and I invested weekends partaking in fun activities that would range from investing the entire day structure towns constructed out of clay to rollerskating while my mother baked homemade bread. To anybody that understood us, we seemed like the ideal family.

We begin to see that others have a hard time just as we do, and we have the ability to be a little kinder when we comprehend that all of us share a commonalities through our pain.

There are going to be things that are out of our control, things we want had not occurred. If we can look at these experiences with appreciation for what they taught us, for how we have grown because of them, well discover it much simpler to heal– and manage anything life tosses at us.

If you find yourself in a circumstance where you see yourself as a victim and cant seem to surpass the discomfort, I urge you to take a look at the scenario as a growing chance. See whatever youve learned and how you may even use those lessons to assist other individuals.

After that horrible night, my papa guaranteeing me it would never ever happen again, I was lost and puzzled. Existed something inherently incorrect with me to provoke him to do that to me? Had I in some method invited him to touch me inappropriately? I felt revolting, soiled, and used, persuaded that it was all my fault.

I sat with the feelings and felt them. By lastly permitting myself to feel what I had repressed for so long, I was able to move through the sensations as I should have all those years back, to feel really alive.

These sensations followed through me the next 3 years of being molested, then spread and grew through the aftermath of me lastly telling my mom what had actually occurred. Even after the abuse stopped and with my dad securely behind bars, I brought guilt and pity with me daily. A badge of honor to advise me of what I had actually been through and made it through.

Among the primary things that assisted me move my thinking from victim mode to empowered, was starting a gratitude journal. I noted 10 things I was grateful for daily, and the more I journaled, the more I discovered myself seeing the beauty in the hardships I was dealt.

As I got older, I found survival through alcohol and drugs. For a little moment every day when that alcohol touched my lips, when that pain killer was ingested and absorbed, I was free. The relentless dark and ugly thoughts that pestered my mind were blissfully silenced and I was able to breathe a little simpler.

Once this technique of forgetting no longer worked, I graduated to an abusive relationship, playing out the codependency and toxicity that I had actually grown up with. I ranged from anything that was healthy or good for me due to the fact that, on some level, I thought I didnt deserve it. How could somebody who had had been molested deserve true love and joy?

Survival became my top priority, and it didnt matter what I had to do to achieve self-preservation.

I felt like I had actually lost a deep, integral part of me, my best buddy. I had to stroll through life with my eyes open; I was exposed and raw and didnt know if I could make it through without the assistance of those little pills.

I started to understand that I matter, that what I felt was required and crucial.

Due to the fact that I genuinely believed that I was not deserving of anything but pain, I sentenced myself to a life time of anguish and defeat.

Melissa Santillanez is an author on a journey toward self-love. As a survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence, she has actually navigated her method through stress and anxiety, anxiety, panic, low self- esteem, and drug abuse through writing and sharing her discomfort with others. She likes to connect with others on Instagram at @my_awakened_path or through her blog site at myawakenedpath.com.

Once the sensations were dealt with, I begin to journal in earnest. To blog about what I could not mention for decades, to put down on paper what mattered to me, even if it was irrelevant to anybody else.

So I began making modifications to my way of life. I went cold turkey eliminating the pain killer and the alcohol. This is not something I would suggest doing, as its constantly best to follow a physicians orders, however I knew in my heart that I needed to stop instantly because if I didnt stop at that minute, I never would.

Through journaling, I started to understand that I could take a look at what happened to me as something awful, I could continue to pity myself and want it had actually never ever taken place, or I could select to discover factors to be happy. Yes, appreciative.

I was nine years old, resting on the couch with my papa, enjoying a Very Brady Christmas (on my siss birthday, December 20th) when he first molested me. Horror, shame, shock, and confusion comingled to create a cocktail that would poison me for numerous years to come.

Gratitude is an effective tool that we can come back to once again and once again throughout our lives. Not only does it help us reframe our past, it makes us more caring– toward ourselves and everyone we experience.

By speaking out about what took place to me, by sharing my story with others, I have given that nine-year-old the words she never had. It is for her that I expose myself, that I bare my deepest, darkest tricks.

For a small minute each day when that alcohol touched my lips, when that pain tablet was consumed and taken in, I was complimentary. I went cold turkey cutting out the pain tablets and the alcohol. By sharing my pain, I discovered my voice. If you can relate to anything I composed, understand that you too can turn your pain into something helpful to others. As a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence, she has navigated her method through stress and anxiety, anxiety, panic, low self- esteem, and substance abuse through writing and sharing her discomfort with others.

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