How to Trade in International Stock Market from India

Indias among the leading discount brokers, Upstox, has actually introduced a platform to buy worldwide stocks. If you are an Indian financier, you may find numerous options to invest or trade worldwide such as apple, google, tesla, uber, Sony, Toyota, and so on. In case, you wanted to purchase the global market, either you needed to buy funds indirectly or you had to pay a big quantity for direct investment. By launching the global stock exchange financial investment platform, Upstox opens a big chance for retail investors to invest in these international stock.

Why Invest in International Stock Market with Upstox?

Diversified Portfolio- You can develop a varied portfolio through Global investment. As the portfolio is diversified, the associated danger with numerous exchanges of various nations is much lower. One market financial investment threat is missing here.

A large range of investments- There is a remarkable option present at your disposal. You can get a broad variety of investment chances. Just decide on biotech business from the United States, vehicle companies from Germany and, web companies from China whatever you like.

Low-Cost Investment with Upstox- The huge obstacle a retail financier face in worldwide investing is cost. Now, with this Upstox global investment plan, your equity portfolio can have huge business names like Apple, BMW, and Alibaba at such a low cost. Upstox likewise provides zero-commission financial investment facilities for the US market. The account opening charge is also nil.

Picture, in the year of 1997, Amazons shares cost was $10000. For this reason, you require to comprehend the International Stock market carefully. Here are some essential points on the factors for international financial investments.

How to Avail these Facilities of Upstox International Stock Market Investments?

Based on the most current info on the Upstox official page for international investing, you will have the ability to invest throughout 60+ exchanges in all over 25 nations. Furthermore, you can purchase stocks from the USA, Japan, etc. Here is the FREE link to OPEN ACCOUNT IN UPSTOX to avail of the International Stock market investment facilities.

What are the Benefits Upstox Provides on the International Stock Market?

There are multiple advantages that Upstox offers to their clients for opening account for international financial investment. You will be impressed to see the benefits, given by Upstox for the global financial investment. The list is as follows:

Financial investment in USA exchange-listed stocks will be absolutely COMMISSION-FREE in Upstox up until 31st August 2020. After that, there will be a minimum charge of $2 per trade. The charge for other nations investment is 0.1% or $9.9, whichever will be greater.
There is no minimum investment total up to begin to invest globally. You can purchase sell or own an international share with fractional investing.
You can conserve brokerage a lot with the Upstox International account opening.
Upstox offers the fraction financial investment chance. With Upstox you can buy a fraction of it.

How can you become a Global Investor with Upstox?

To become an international financier or to invest in the worldwide stock market, you just need to follow particular steps. Ive plainly explained those actions for you. So, lets start:

Primary Step: Open a Upstox Demat Account

Open a Upstox Demat account online or offline. If you click the link listed below, you can open a Upstox account within 10-15 minutes. Here, is the link to open a Upstox Demat Account

2nd Step: Choose for a Global Investment Account.

After opening an account with Upstox, upgrade your account for worldwide investing through the Upstox Pro platform.

Third Step: Get your Access to the Upstox Global Investment Platform

Get login credentials from Upstox. And after that you can start using your international financial investment account.

You can see the procedure of getting a worldwide financial investment facility is basic and quite simple. Within a day or two, you can get your wanted worldwide stocks at a very low charge.

Frequently asked questions

Which International exchange I can invest in with Upstox?
You can buy more than 60+ worldwide exchanges in all over 25 countries across the world. For instance, exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, Japan Exchange, etc top leading exchanges are there in the Upstox platform.

Is there any minimum financial investment or balance needed?
No, there is no minimum investment or balance needed to maintain a global financial investment account with Upstox. You just need to fill your account for buying your wanted shares so that you never ever lose big investment opportunities.

Can I purchase global stocks on Upstox?
Upstox is the very first broker in India, present such a huge international investment platform. A broad range of international investment alternatives is offered with low charge in Upstox.


So, in India, Upstox is the first broker that brings such a huge investment opportunity for its clients. And all the facility of buying the worldwide market with such an inexpensive expense is truly assessing. Our suggestion is to go for it without any second thought if you do still not have this financial investment account. Do not miss this golden opportunity, grab it as soon as possible. For any further inquiries on the topic, you may comment listed below.


There are numerous benefits that Upstox offers to their clients for opening account for worldwide financial investment. Investment in USA exchange-listed stocks will be absolutely COMMISSION-FREE in Upstox until 31st August 2020.

Now, with this Upstox worldwide financial investment plan, your equity portfolio can have huge company names like Apple, BMW, and Alibaba at such a low expense. Here is the FREE link to OPEN ACCOUNT IN UPSTOX to get of the International Stock market investment facilities.

By releasing the worldwide stock market investment platform, Upstox opens a big opportunity for retail investors to invest in these global stock.