How to Login to Angel Broking App & Start Trading?

In India, Angel broking is among the leading complete broking companies. After integrated in the year 1987, the company already become a huge completes retail broking home. It has a large range of financial investment and trading services like investment advisory services, stock and product broking, financial items, loans against shares, etc. The renowned broking home includes a interesting and eye-catching offer. We will divulge it later in this post. And you will get complete details on the login to Angel Broking App. So lets start with some typical FAQ on the company.

FAQ on Angel Broking

Is Angel Broking is safe?
At present, Angel Broking is managing a strong neighborhood of 110 branches and 11,000 sub-broker offices in practically 1800+ cities all over India. It provides both online and offline services to their clients.

Which Demat account is best?
Amongst the companies, 2 companies come initially, Zerodha and Angel Broking. Presently, Angel Broking offers Free account opening with them.

How is Angel Broking?
The main offerings of the broking house consist of Equity Trading, Commodities trading, Portfolio Management Services, Loan, Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, IPO, Depository Services (DS) and Investment Advisory. The company likewise offers Wealth Management and Ebroking centers. It is full of compact services and centers.

How to Open Account and Login to Angel Broking App from Home?

At the start of the post, I was talking about some deals, offered by Angel Broking. They are providing you a FREE Account Opening Offer with them. If you want to open a Demat account at FREE of expense, click the link listed below:

What are the Documents Required for Opening an Account?

For opening an online Demat account you need to keep some original as well as scanned files with you. Unlike other broking company, Angel broking provides you an extra choice to open an account without utilizing Aadhaar connected mobile number. Here, I divide this account opening process into two sections, one is with Aadhaar connected Mobile number and the other is Without Aadhaar connected Mobile number.

Aadhaar card
PAN card
Scanned copies of both the above
Bank Proof, and so on

. What are the Steps to Open a Demat Account?

If you have Aadhaar linked mobile number, then this section is for you. The required files are:

Aadhaar Card: Scanned copy of Aadhaa card
PAN Card: Scanned copy of PAN card
Bank Proof: A cancel cheque or declaration of the bank is required and the bank must be related to your Demat account or broking account.

Actions to Open a Demat with Angel Broking

As you can see there you require to fill the above blanks. When you put your name and ph number, an OTP will be immediately created to your mobile number. Then fill the OTP in the offered box and click Take me ahead. Make certain the concur box is on. After clicking there, a new window will be opened.

Now, see the window above. Initially, see the blue box, there no money is required for the account opening procedure. You can save Rs.699 easily. And their Equity Delivery charges, 1 year AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge) are likewise complimentary. So, now fill the above boxes. You need to put your

First CLICK HERE to go to the account opening page of Angel Broking. You will be redirected to their account opening page as soon as you click on the above link. Here, take an appearance.

date of birth
PAN number
Email id
Savings account number

Till here, all the procedures will be the very same either you have actually Aadhaar connected mobile number or not. From the KYC page, the procedure will be various.

An account with Aadhaar Linked Mobile Number

After sending all the info, you will be on the KYC page. The page looks like this:

You will get a call from the Angel broking call center when you choose the choice. And they will give you instructions for completing the remainder of the process.

Now, what eMudhra is.

eMudhra is a licensed qualified authority of this country.
This comes under the information innovation act and is regulated by the Govt from 2008. eMudhra works under the certifying domain.
It works for tax filling service, digital shining solution, digital certificate permission system, relied on time-stamping service.

Wait for the call from the Angel broking call. And keep all the needed documents with you. Angel broking will do the rest of the work on behalf of you. This entire process conclusion might take some time, 24 to 48 hours. This timing depends on your files and eMudhra online service. Sometimes, eMudhra services get interrupted since of its extreme traffic. So please be patience.

Passport size photograph.
PAN card.
Aadhaar card.

In your account opening procedure, eMudhra helps to validate your files by utilizing your signature as your Aadhaar is not related to your mobile. For this factor, confirmation of your signature through eMudhra is the most essential action in your account opening process.

There you get two choices. There you get choice is for verification with Aadhaar connected mobile number. And after continuing with the KYC, your account will be opened. This is practically the last action of opening your Demat account.

Here, on the EKYC (Know your customer) page, if you do not have any Aadhaar connected mobile number, then click on the e-sign by means of eMudhra.

To complete the eMudhra procedure, you require to have these files with you.

Needed Documents.

An account without Aadhaar Linked Mobile Number (Use eMudhra).

How to Login to Angel Broking App?

In India, Angel broking is one of the leading complete broking business. Unlike other broking business, Angel broking gives you an additional option to open an account without utilizing Aadhaar linked mobile number. CLICK HERE to go to the account opening page of Angel Broking. I hope now you may discover out the way of how to open an account and login to Angel Broking App. I hope you will not face any problems to open a FREE Account with Angel Broking.

Here, put your email or user id and password. Click on proceed. After clicking there, you will be on your Demat account. The Demat account is something looks like this.

So, I hope now you may discover out the way of how to open an account and login to Angel Broking App. This is a golden chance for all of us from Angel Broking. Without any delay start trading and make cash from your home only. I have tried to discuss every step to you. I hope you will not deal with any problems to open a FREE Account with Angel Broking. Still, if you have any questions concerning it, you might ask me in the remark box listed below.


After finishing the e-signing process, you will get your user id and password. Go to the Angel Broking web page.