How to Jump Rope: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Lets learn how to jump rope!

You just got ta understand what youre doing so you do not keep striking yourself in the shins.

Even if youre stuck at home, a jump rope can provide a fantastic cardio workout.

Have no worry, even if youve never ever touched a dive rope before, well get you began..

We focus on helping individuals train from home, with little to no devices whatsoever. Today, well show you a beginner jump rope workout regimen that you can do anywhere..

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Cue the Rocky signature tune ….

Feel complimentary to mix and match any of the relocations below into your workout.

Throughout our jump period, you can do every other, so one single under followed by one single double under (1 dive, 2 rotations of the rope)..

If this is too much, do not hesitate to increase your pause. Meaning you can rest for 45 seconds, no problem..

To start, you may even just attempt getting the rhythm down with one hand:.

# 2) Double Single Foot Jumps.

It looks like this:.

Another tip from Coach Matt: keep a little stress throughout your body. If youre too loose, you may flail around a bit and leave your mark..

Double Unders: 30 Seconds.
Rest: 30 Seconds.
Double Unders: 30 Seconds.
Rest: 30 Seconds.
Double Unders: 30 Seconds.
Rest: 30 Seconds.
Double Unders: 30 Seconds.
Rest: 30 Seconds.
Double Unders: 30 Seconds.
Rest: 30 Seconds.

Stand high, feet about hip-width apart..

# 3) Timing.

Coach Matt walks you through 5 different levels of difficulty for your dive rope exercise..

Your arms will stay as they would during a normal single under, so its more of a “half jack.”.

Single Unders: 45 Seconds.
Rest: 15 Seconds.
Single Unders: 45 Seconds.
Rest: 15 Seconds.
Single Unders: 45 Seconds.
Rest: 15 Seconds.
Single Unders: 45 Seconds.
Rest: 15 Seconds.
Single Unders: 45 Seconds.
Rest: 15 Seconds.

Attempt hopping on one foot when you get the single under down.

This workout has you doing four regular hops, followed by 4 twist leaps.

For the next level, well do the very same moves, however well increase your single under duration.

For the position of your arms, you desire your give out roughly at the height of your hips. Your arms will go downward at about a 45-degree angle..

Get this down before you move on from here.

The Jump.
The Arm Swing.

Total time: 5 minutes.

The mission with Level 3 is to get comfortable performing double unders.

As soon as you get the feel of it, its time to do some exercises..

To do it, perform jump rope jacks, but land in a squat position when your legs are tossed out broad..

So while your left is down, your ideal foot will be kicking out.

After a while, your pause may be typical hops, while your interval duration can be one of these sweet moves..

# 9) Squat Jumps.

When beginning with this position, you might discover your elbows flailing out a bit because theyre moving sluggish. Youll have less wrist control.

Matt breaks down jumping rope into three parts:.

When youre comfy swinging from both hands, its time to think about putting it all together.

Double Unders: 15 Seconds.
Rest: 45 Seconds.
Double Unders: 15 Seconds.
Rest: 45 Seconds.
Double Unders: 15 Seconds.
Rest: 45 Seconds.
Double Unders: 15 Seconds.
Rest: 45 Seconds.
Double Unders: 15 Seconds.
Rest: 45 Seconds.

# 10) Squat Jacks.

Dive Rope Workout Level 1:.

Heres the enjoyable part: when you rotate, bring your arms together and have the rope do a revolution on the side youre twisting far from. Alternate to the opposite, integrating your hop, whip, and twist.

If you have difficulty with this, Coach Matt suggests drawing some type of “X” or mark on the ground so you remain in one place..

Youll observe its the strategy for our beginner dive rope exercises if youre familiar with High-Intensity Interval Training.

No issue. Just accept that the rope is offering you with immediate feedback, and attempt again.

These are similar to your high knees, but in reverse, as youre attempting to bring your foot back to the point where it fulfills your glute (butt).

Well cover additional workouts you can do to level up your dive rope game now..

… and lets do this!

This will get difficult rapidly.

Your shoulders will remain company, which will keep the rope in location..

Dive Rope Workout Level 3:.

Youll alternate leg positions between dives, in a scissor like motion..

# 1) The Single Under.

On Level 3, its time to mix in double unders.

# 5) Twist Jumps.

Alternate leaping from one leg to the other with your hops. The technique here is to bring your knees up high as you do so.

Your entire lower body will be engaged for this workout.

If this is too difficult, do a double under for each 4 regular dives.

Now that youre at Level 4, its all double unders, all the time..

Here, youll alternate taking one foot forward every dive..

Then, practice leaping up and down in one area.

Youll hop and switch feet between rope transformations. This is trickier than it looks..

With our last workout today, were bumping up the period of double unders to 30 seconds, then resting for the same time..

This is the many standard dive rope exercise. One hop per rope revolution, both feet together..

Overall time: 5 minutes.

Were going to focus on building power, so well do periods for 15 seconds, then rest for 45.

Coach Matt, from our Online Coaching program, guides you through finding out how to leap rope in the video above.

# 4) Jump Rope Jacks.

The majority of your power will originate from your ankle and toes. Its actually more of a “hop” than dive..

# 6) Skiers.

Simply try to keep it consistent, as this will assist your rhythm..

Overall time: 5 minutes.

This dive rope workout is all about rotating your torso.

Getting the rhythm and timing down with a jump rope can be challenging, so hang in there and be patient.

The feet will land together for your skiers, however one leg will be in front and the other will lag..

# 13) The Double Under.

Now that you have the basics down on how to leap rope, lets cover some relocations so you can expand your exercises.

An excellent counter workout for your high knees.

Do not even fret about jumping at initially..

Jump Rope Workout Level 5:.

Heres what well cover:.

If you want someone to examine your kind or deal assistance with any of these jump relocations, weve been doing this as part of Nerd Fitness Prime. Members take a video of their exercise and upload it to our personal Discord channel..

Lets review each level now.

These are like leaping jacks, however rather of bringing your feet together, you cross one foot in front of the other..

# 12) Jump Rope Figure 8.

Attempt one hope per rope transformation to tighten it all up when you get comfortable with the rhythm. You may find it much easier to keep your arms and elbows steady moving quicker..

Up …

# 2) The Arm Swing.

The 13 Best Jump Rope Exercises.

A Nerd Fitness Coach (or perhaps me!) can examine it and let you know what we believe..

If you get this down consistently, youre no longer a jump rope noob.

# 7) High Knees.

Have no fear if single and double jumps get boring.

This is one of the advanced dive rope relocations, as you require to swing the rope under you two times per hop.

After some practice youll get the coordination down..

How Do I Jump Rope? (Video for Noobs).

Overall time: 5 minutes.

Much like the name would recommend, here we are combining our squat jumps with leaping jacks.

Dont feel bad if this takes some practice. This is starting to enter into the “jump rope tricks” territory..

Single Unders: 30 Seconds.
Rest: 30 Seconds.
Single Unders: 30 Seconds.
Rest: 30 Seconds.
Single Unders: 30 Seconds.
Rest: 30 Seconds.
Single Unders: 30 Seconds.
Rest: 30 Seconds.
Single Unders: 30 Seconds.
Rest: 30 Seconds.

When you initially start, go slow with the arms, and do two hops per one rope revolution..

When powering the rope, your arms will remain mostly steady. We wish to keep the movement narrow, mainly coming from your wrists.

To actually check your balance, leap two times from the same foot..

Your feet will go large, then left in front of right, then broad, then right in front of left, then wide.

Your feet will leap together, however will be rotating about 180 degrees from left to right, twisting from your hip.

# 11) Criss Cross Jacks.

Were gon na have a good time with this one.

# 1) The Jump.

Thats fine..

Your feet will serve as they would in a regular jumping jack, jumping large apart every other hop.

Single/Double Under Mix: 30 Seconds.
Rest: 30 Seconds.
Single/Double Under Mix: 30 Seconds.
Rest: 30 Seconds.
Single/Double Under Mix: 30 Seconds.
Rest: 30 Seconds.
Single/Double Under Mix: 30 Seconds.
Rest: 30 Seconds.
Single/Double Under Mix: 30 Seconds.
Rest: 30 Seconds.

# 8) Butt Kicks.

An example beat would go left foot, left foot, best foot, best foot, with one rope revolution between..

Withstand attempting to rotate with a lot of elbow motion (try to keep them stable instead)..

This may be tough..

Overall time: 5 minutes.

Heres a terrific point from Coach Matt: as a newbie, the rope itself will be your coach.

The Nerd Fitness Jump Rope Workout (With Video Tutorial).

If you hit your shins or toes with the rope, something failed. Maybe you hopped too expensive or your elbows went a little off.

Jump Rope Workout Level 4:.

# 3) Kick Out Jumps.

The name of the game with jumping rope is “in control.” Swinging from the wrists will assist you maintain control of the rope..

Jump Rope Workout Level 2:.

First, lets simply practice jumping.

If you want to truly challenge your lower body, hold a squat position while doing your hops.

Join us in Nerd Fitness Prime!

Coach Matts speed rope has a plastic covering, however periodically youll discover these with just the wire. This makes them even lighter. If you hit yourself … its with a bare wire …

For more advanced jumpers, we have weighted ropes.

WOD Nation has a decent covered speed dive rope that isnt offered out (unlike a lot of other fitness center devices).

Ouch, the danger here is that.

There are typically 3 kinds of jump ropes youll face.

This rope is probably what you used as a kid on the playground.

Speed ropes are light-weight, which will help when doing particular moves like the double under.

How Do I Choose a Jump Rope? (Type and Length).

Rogue Fitness has some pretty cool ones to check out..

Lets go over both.

They are likewise clunkier and will make double unders harder, but the little bit of additional weight may make them simpler for a newbie to deal with.

Beaded jump ropes dont tangle as quickly as speed ropes and weigh a bit more..

# 2) Beaded Ropes.

There are a number of things to consider when selecting a jump rope: type and length.

This is the most typical kind of dive rope youll stumble upon. Its likewise what Coach Matt uses in his videos above..

These can range from a one-pound rope to a six-pound rope.

# 3) Weighted Ropes.

# 1) Speed Ropes.

Why the additional weight?

If youre a newbie, its most likely best to skip these in the meantime (hehe), however something to consider as you level up your dive rope skills.

With additional weight added, your upper body gets a more extreme exercise.

For those interested, this is a good weighted jump rope thats still offered to purchase.

The next question we desire to address: for how long should my dive rope be?

The bright side here: most jump ropes you acquire will be adjustable..

If its a little greater or lower than that, you might be okay, however youll likely need good dive rope technique to avoid correctly.

When correctly adjusted, step on your jump rope with one foot, and both manages need to reach right around your underarm:.

Where Should I Jump Rope?

In the videos and gifs above, youll notice that both Nerd Fitness Coaches use mats for their jump rope practice.

The cool aspect of a jump rope is that you can practically use it anywhere, as long as you have room to maneuver.

Getting on a mat will put less tension on your joints, lowering your possibility of injury..

You do not necessarily need a running shoe, considering that youll be showing up and below your toes. You most likely do not desire to leap barefoot either, because that rope striking vulnerable toes wont be fun.

If you do jump on a more difficult surface like concrete or asphalt, its all right, just concentrate on less extreme relocations like single unders. You might desire to conserve the fancy relocations and double unders for when you have a more forgiving surface area under you..

Heres our guide on healthy feet that consists of some basic shoe suggestions..

That does not actually suggest you SHOULD jump anywhere, as not all surface areas are developed equivalent for leaping.

This is a great concept..

Something with great shock absorption will assist as your feet make contact with the ground..

The other thing to consider is your shoes..

Will Jumping Rope Help Me Lose Weight?

A dive rope and one of the workouts above could be an excellent part of the strategy if youre attempting to lose weight.

The other part of the strategy need to be your nutrition!

No joke.

Its without a doubt the biggest factor for success.

As we lay out in our Coaching Program, throughout Nerd Fitness Prime, and our massive guide on “Healthy Eating,” our company believe that nutrition is 80-90% of the formula for weight-loss.

Will you lose weight leaping rope?

Absolutely possibly!

Rear Deltoids.

As long as you do it properly:.

Thats due to the fact that a dive rope will you train your:.

My point is jumping rope needs to be part of a bigger picture for weight-loss..

If you repair your diet plan AND start to include a jump rope exercise a couple of times per week, youll discover yourself developing muscle, losing fat, and getting stronger!

So how do you repair your diet?

If your objective is weight reduction, you need to eat less than you burn each day. This can be through consuming less and burning more (from the resistance band exercise above).

Our training program modifications lives. Find out how!

# 1) Jumping rope for warm-ups.

Perhaps you alternate burpees with your dive rope periods..

Or leaping jacks.

Liquid calories are undermining your efforts. Soda, juice, sports drinks: theyre all practically high-calorie sugar water with minimal nutritional value. Get your caffeine from black coffee or tea, fizzy-drink fix from carbonated water.

A short round of jump rope is a perfect warm-up for any workout you pick.

If you require any aid pulling this entirely, Nerd Fitness is here for you.

Or you can look into a weighted rope once you get the swing of things.

The only question delegated respond to with this guide is “When should you do your jump rope workouts?”.

Lots of HIIT exercises consist of dive rope sessions, so you have tons of ways to bring your jump rope into your training.

Eat more protein! Protein assists restore muscle and can help you stay under your calorie limit since its filling and satisfying. Heres precisely just how much protein you should be consuming every day.

Is your gym closed? No problem, have a look at our guide The 7 Best at Home Workouts.

Choice # 1) If you want a professional coach in your pocket, who can do video kind checks, provide feedback, and change your workouts based upon the equipment you have available, have a look at our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program!.

# 3) Jump rope as a full-body exercise.

In between your strength training exercises, you can mix in some dive rope, stretching, and even a little yoga for active recovery..

We have three great alternatives for continuing your journey with us..

The other thing to think about would be circuit training, where you blend in leaping rope with some bodyweight exercises..

Do you know what else it can be? Five minutes of jump rope!.

You have a lot of various options for that, with a few considerations.

A dive rope exercise can fit this expense completely if you hop with low strength.

Personally, Ive been dealing with the exact same online coach since 2015 and its changed my life. You can find out more by clicking the box listed below:.

Active recovery is any mild movement developed to help your muscles recover after training..

A Nerd Fitness Coach can direct your weight loss journey! Find out more here.

Great concern.

You can up the intensity by developing to double unders or other sophisticated jump rope workouts..

As soon as you get your strategy nailed down, the world will become your dive rope playground:.

Those suggestions ought to get you began, but if you desire more specific direction and assistance, have a look at the NF Coaching Program– Your Coach will build a regular customized to your private needs and what equipment you have offered:.

Processed foods and processed food make it truly hard to reduce weight: They have lots of carbohydrates and calories, low dietary value, do not fill you up, and cause you to overeat.

Veggies are your good friends. Heres how to make vegetables taste good if you do not like veggies.

With sufficient intensity, a jump rope can provide an excellent full-body workout.

How to Build a Jump Rope Workout (Next Steps).

Here are some basic ideas though (as we cover in The 5 Rules of Weight Loss):.

Lets say you discover yourself stuck inside your home during a pandemic, and you want somebody to custom-build you a workout program based on the furnishings and devices you have (like a dive rope). Thats where an online coach is a game-changer!.

If you do not wish to jump with low strength, you have another course.

It can be five minutes of simple workouts like arm circles:.

Whether you select to follow a Keto Diet, Paleo Diet, Mediterranean Diet, or something like Intermittent Fasting, the very best course will depend on your objectives, your situation, and your habits.

# 2) Jump rope for active recovery.

All Nerd Fitness Workouts have a note to warm-up before you begin.

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Alright, I want to hear from you and your experience with leaping rope!.

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Do you train with dive ropes?

Any workouts or tricks were missing out on?

Are you among those people who hasnt touched a jump rope because grade school?

Let me understand in the remarks!

P.S. If youre searching for methods to do interval training without a fitness center, take a look at The 20-Min HIIT Workout for Home..


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Protein assists restore muscle and can assist you stay under your calorie limit due to the fact that its satisfying and filling. 2) Exercising at home and require a plan to follow? Sign Up With Nerd Fitness Prime!

Coach Matts speed rope has a plastic covering, but periodically youll discover these with just the wire. Get your caffeine from black coffee or tea, fizzy-drink repair from sparkling water.

– Steve.