How the World Missed Covid-19’s Silent Spreaders – The New York Times

Because the proof was dripping in and the consequences of a false alarm would have been extreme, european health officials state they were unwilling to acknowledge silent dispersing. “These reports are seen everywhere, all over the world,” stated Dr. Josep Jansa, a senior European Union health authorities. “Whatever we put out, theres no other way back.”
Recalling, health authorities should have stated that, yes, symptomless spreading was happening and they did not comprehend how prevalent it was, said Dr. Agoritsa Baka, a senior European Union physician.
However doing that, she said, would have totaled up to an implicit warning to nations: What youre doing may not be enough.
Stop Buying Masks!
While public health authorities was reluctant, some doctors acted. At a conference in Seattle in mid-February, Jeffrey Shaman, a Columbia University professor, said his research study suggested that Covid-19s quick spread could just be explained if there were infectious patients with plain signs or no symptoms at all.
In the audience that day was Steven Chu, the Nobel-winning physicist and former U.S. energy secretary. “If left to its own gadgets, this illness will spread through the entire population,” he keeps in mind Professor Shaman warning.
Later, Dr. Chu started firmly insisting that healthy colleagues at his Stanford University lab wear masks. Medical professionals in Cambridge, England, concluded that asymptomatic transmission was a huge source of infection and recommended regional health employees and patients to use masks, well prior to the British federal government acknowledged the threat of silent spreaders.
The American authorities, confronted with a shortage, actively prevented the public from purchasing masks. “Seriously people– STOP BUYING MASKS!” Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams tweeted on Feb. 29.