HCA VIC Nurse/Midwife Winner of the year 2020

” Im both appreciative and shocked to whoever had such nice things to say about my nursing care.”– Jana|Important Care Nurse

HCA nurse Jana has been crowned Nurse/Midwife of the Year for our VIC area. We caught up with her over a timeless Melbourne coffee to discover out more about her. Read her interview listed below.

What made you become a nurse?

Nursing called out to me because I understood that I wanted to travel and I liked that I could choose in between many different areas of Nursing. Nursing permitted me to travel while still working as an ICU Nurse, and for that I am extremely grateful.

What is the most valued suggestions you have ever been given about nursing?

I think the most important piece of guidance that I could offer to anyone in this profession is; make certain you do not forget to take care of yourself. Nursing is a 24-hour job, be dedicated and meticulous, however keep in mind that you are only human. Respect yourself and your colleagues, and on your day of rests, make sure to pamper yourself and unload the stresses of your work week.

How have you been filling your extra time throughout COVID?

I will not lie, I have lost a lot of my time on Netflix and TikTok … Ive not been the most efficient, however it has been an excellent opportunity to sit still and recharge!

Now that youre an Aussie, what is your favourite:

Location to vacation? I love to travel so its hard to choose a favourite location to holiday. Every place has its own appeal but in the in 2015, I have enjoyed traveling throughout Asia, and my last journey to Japan was definitely fantastic. My favourite location to holiday in Australia up until now has actually been Fraser Island in Queensland!

My AFL group is the Richmond Tigers. I have actually been a strong Tiger fan considering that 2014, which is a substantial disappointment to my partner who is a Collingwood advocate.

Drink? My preferred drink depends on the activity, but I do like a great Negroni when I unwind.

Aussie quote? My preferred Aussie quote: Tell him hes dreaming … If you do not understand, you dont know!

I have to say my favourite Aussie food is a bit ridiculous, but I like chips with chicken salt. I literally send out chicken salt and Tim Tams to my family in the states.

What are you presently:

Seeing? Finally, the series Im currently enjoying and almost finished with is Schitts Creek. This program is amusing, if you have not seen it yet … youre welcome!.

Nursing called out to me due to the fact that I understood that I desired to take a trip and I enjoyed that I might select between numerous various locations of Nursing. Nursing permitted me to travel while still working as an ICU Nurse, and for that I am very grateful.

Nursing is a 24-hour task, be devoted and meticulous, but remember that you are only human. I have to state my preferred Aussie food is a bit ridiculous, however I love chips with chicken salt. I like to take a trip so its difficult to select a favourite place to holiday.

Currently re-reading a book called “An Imperfect Offering” by Dr. James Orbinski. Its a fantastic book about previous MSF President, Dr. James Orbinski, and his experience working in the Rwandan genocide and Somali civil war.

Listening to? I simply finished listening to a podcast series called Bad Batch. Its a medical related series about a bad batch of stem cells that flowed in the United States and how a business happened offering this therapy to susceptible client populations.