H-E-B limits toilet paper, paper towels as COVID-19 cases rise in San Antonio – KSAT San Antonio

Bath Tissue Multipack– Limit 2.
Bath tissue singles– Limit 2.
Paper towels– Limit 2.
Acetaminophen– Limit 2 products overall (consists of infant, travel and trial sizes, OTC).
H-E-B Acid Controller/Famotidine and Pepcid 50ct and larger– Limit 1.
H-E-B Acid Controller/Famotidine and Pepcid smaller sized than 50ct– Limit 2.
Disinfecting & & anti-bacterial sprays– Limit 2.
Disinfecting & & anti-bacterial wipes– Limit 2.
Trial and travel size disinfecting & & antibacterial sprays/wipes– Limit 2.
Hand sanitizer– Limit 10.
Hand soap– Limit 4.
Hydrogen peroxide– Limit 2.
Rubbing (Isopropyl) Alcohol/swabs– Limit 2.
First Aid and Cleaning Gloves– Limit 2.

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SAN ANTONIO– H-E-B has positioned buying limits on toilet tissue and paper towels again, as more COVID-19 cases emerge in San Antonio.
The city has seen a considerable uptick in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations throughout the last 2 weeks. Bexar County has 8,857 cases to date and the death toll resides at 105.
According to H-E-Bs site, each client is limited to two bath tissue multipacks, two bath tissue singles, and two rolls of paper towels.
The grocery chain revealed last month they were limiting brisket purchases to one per customer also. Nevertheless, that limit now allows 2 brisket items per client, according to H-E-Bs website.
The complete list of H-E-Bs product limits are listed below:
Food products (all H-E-B stores).

The following item limitations just apply to H-E-B shops in the Border Region:.

Non-food items (all H-E-B stores).

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Child wipes– Limit 2.
Eggs, less than 30 count– Limit 4.
Eggs, 30 count or greater– Limit 2.