Free Online Summit to Cultivate Mindfulness & Loving-Kindness

Much of us are coming to grips with stress, sorrow, and stress and anxiety, while others are succumbing to fear, anger, and hatred– which just create more worry, anger, and hatred. We all need to jointly discover a much better way to live, starting within and then extending without, to the world around us.

Theres no rejecting were living in difficult times, marked by uncertainty and suffering for many. Weve all been through a lot this year. We were physically disconnected for months, and now a lot of us feel more divided than ever– politically, economically, and ideologically.

How can we masterfully work with challenging sensations and find out to utilize our generosity and guts to construct a much better world?

The Re-Awaken top applies classic knowledge to our modern-day difficulties to inspire and renew us. Over 5 days between June 24th to 28th, Lions Roar will bring together an inspiring panel of fifteen leading spiritual instructors and activists who have invested their lives working to change themselves, and our world, for the better.

With twenty-nine inspiring teachings, meditations, and reflections, the Re-Awaken top is a call to action for anybody searching for a favorable way forward filled with insight, loving-kindness, and empathy.

Register now for totally free and discover ways to:

Register here and youll get totally free access to transformational teachings and practices that will assist you do simply that.

When you register, Lions Roar will send you their brand-new interview with Sharon Salzberg as a totally free gift– a look of the insight you can anticipate in the top.

Avoid burnout and care for your mind and body
Cultivate calm and compassion in the midst of stress and anxiety
Engage with the world with mindfulness and loving-kindness
Get rid of division to build healthy neighborhoods
Uncover joy, hope, and the motivation to develop a much better future

Today, more than ever, all of us require connection and motivation to “be the modification we wish to see,” and to do so with bravery, optimism, and open heart.

I hope you discover the summit handy!

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