Customer Success Spotlight: Ziggma Portfolio Manager

Meet Ziggma Portfolio Manager– a web-based investment portfolio management solution that strives to make investing simple for both specialists and beginners. We spoke with Ulrich Ebensperger, CEO and co-founder of Ziggma, about the companys ingenious technique to personal investing.

Developed by experienced financing experts, the Ziggma Portfolio Manager includes a lot of the features and data that so far were only offered on the planet of institutional finance. The Ziggma Portfolio Manager helps you monitor your portfolio effortlessly thanks to wise alerts covering risk, portfolio diversity, and company fundamentals. It lets you screen for the best investment chances throughout different asset classes with our multi-asset screener. Users can discover the very best stocks in each industry using the Ziggma Performance Score, which is the result of constant information analytics throughout numerous financial information points. You can likewise find inspiration in our lots of model portfolios that vary from what the worlds best financiers presently own to different ideas of our own.

Our mission at Intrinio is to power a generation of applications that will fundamentally change the way our damaged financial system works. Intrinio information feeds form the basis of whatever from large enterprise organisation reporting applications to start-up fintech apps. Its rewarding to see our product come to life at the hands of todays most ingenious developers constructing powerful things.

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Were lucky to be in an organisation where we grow together with our clients, and were proud to flaunt their hard work. Each blog site in this series will highlight a client that has actually leveraged our monetary information feeds to develop something extraordinary.

Using professional-grade tools and information, the Ziggma Portfolio Manager helps financiers remain on top of their portfolios and find the finest chances based upon their long term goals. By securely connecting their investment accounts to Ziggma using our partner Plaids leading innovation, our users gain from user-friendly portfolio analytics, innovative tools, and the info that is pertinent for their portfolios.

Ziggma is a portfolio management application that has actually been specifically designed to make investing simple. Numerous investors struggle to keep up with their investment portfolios while failing to find effective means to enhance risk-adjusted returns.

What is your expert background?

I have worked for 14 years as a credit expert in institutional financing. I am specialized in the financials sector, which implies that I examine banks, insurance provider, and REITs for a living. Four years earlier, I switched to being a specialist for the company in order to have more liberties. This included obviously being able to start dealing with Ziggma.

What inspired you to start your company?

We desired to fill a gap that we believed needed to be closed. As finance professionals, we got to see the big space in between the methods available to professional and private financiers. But with ubiquity of information and progress in technology, this was no longer justified. So, we saw an opportunity in making professional grade tools and data available to all financiers, whether private or institutional, professional or beginner.

What have been your greatest obstacles, and what did you gain from them?

The most significant obstacle has been the interaction between item ownership and the development side. Developers with thorough finance knowledge are tough to come by. This makes the entire development process a lot more complex than it currently is. Not just do you need to communicate what you wish to execute but you also need to put yourself in the designers shoes who naturally have a lot more restricted understanding of the financing and accounting area. Going through this process has actually plainly improved our communication skills. It taught us a lot about how to interact more efficiently.

What have been your greatest successes?

In parallel to our day tasks, we have actually developed the first devoted portfolio management option out there. It plainly makes investing and portfolio management easier and enables users to construct better portfolios. Bond ETFs are corporate and too costly bonds can now be bought for just a couple of dollars, making them a terrific addition for portfolios of long-lasting financiers.

How do you set yourself apart from your rivals?

We have developed the Ziggma Portfolio Manager from the investors view. Since we have the needed experience and we did not have to develop around legacy systems, this was possible. Our competitors, such as Yahoo Finance, who has just really recently found the subject of portfolio management by the way, did not have that high-end. This is why their screens are not as easy and simple to utilize as ours. In addition, our tool and data set is much bigger.

Why did you select to work with Intrinio?

Being able to get different data sets from the very same location is very valuable to us. If you require to source different types of information circulations, Intrinio is extremely well placed.

How would you describe your experience working with Intrinio?

We have constructed the Ziggma Portfolio Manager from the investors view.

Created by knowledgeable financing experts, the Ziggma Portfolio Manager integrates many of the functions and data that so far were only offered in the world of institutional finance. The Ziggma Portfolio Manager helps you monitor your portfolio easily thanks to clever notifies covering danger, portfolio diversification, and company fundamentals. It clearly makes investing and portfolio management simpler and enables users to build much better portfolios. Bond ETFs are business and too expensive bonds can now be bought for just a couple of dollars, making them a fantastic addition for portfolios of long-term financiers.

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It has actually been fantastic. Intrinios team has great worths in terms of work principles and aspiration. Consumer support is really outstanding with a tech department that returns to us within the day.

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